English and Film Studies

Policy Last Updated: February 1, 2013

Subject: Film Studies


The Collection Development policy is a used as a guide to shape relevant collections and to ensure consistency in collection development. The decision to purchase library materials is primarily the responsibility of the collections librarian in consultation with faculty in the Department.

This policy has been developed by Deborah Wills, Librarian for English and Film Studies, in cooperation with and endorsed by Ed Jewinski, the Department’s Library Liaison, and Ute Lischke, the Department Chair.


  • The collection supports teaching, study and research on a broad level for the Honours B.A. program in English Literature
  • The collection supports the Honours B.A. program in Film Studies, with a focus on theory, style, genre and various national cinemas
  • For the Master of Arts, with a focus on Gender, Nation, and Media, the collection provides more intensive support
  • In support of the PhD program in English and Film Studies, in which students may focus on literature and/or film
  • In support of the Department’s emphasis on representation, narrative styles, genres, and culture in a global context
  • The collection contributes significantly to the Honours B.A. in Medieval Studies, an interdisciplinary program which analyzes areas such as literature, language and the roles of women. In addition, it contributes materials to Communication Studies, which draws from and combines a number of disciplines, including English and Film Studies.


  • Language: Primary texts are acquired in English only. For secondary works, English is preferred. Important theorists on criticism should be available in both the original language and in translation. Secondary criticism written in a foreign language will be purchased in the original language only on the strength of positive reviews. When available, translations of secondary criticism are preferred.
  • Place of Publication: Priority is given to materials published in English-speaking countries.
  • Dates of Publication: Emphasis is placed on recently published work and on facsimiles of primary sources for all periods of English language and literature. Monographs for purchase include new critical editions of important older texts.
  • Chronological Period: Time periods studied range from the medieval to the present.
  • Geographical Areas: The literatures in English of Great Britain, Canada, the United States, Oceania, South Asia, the Caribbean and other areas representing the diversity of world writing in English. The English language of England, with some attention to Canadian and American English. For film, works on national cinemas from around the world.
  • Publishers: For secondary material, academic and scholarly publishers are emphasized. For primary material, a broad range of publishers are monitored.

Types, formats, and readership of materials collected

  • Materials with academic-level readership are selected. Children’s literature is collected only if it is by a major author, particularly one who does not normally write in that genre. Popular genre fiction is collected on a very selective basis. Non scholarly publications, such as popular magazines, are selected only when used as primary sources of study.
  • Electronic formats for reference sources, journals and indexing sources are preferred.
  • Microform is collected very selectively, for reason of cost, availability, expressed use or long-term access.
  • Single copies of books in print formats are generally selected. Ebooks are selected on a title by title basis, especially if the title is of interest to users at multiple Laurier campuses. Duplication of print across Laurier campuses is generally avoided. Duplication across the TUG libraries of expensive items or sets of items is avoided.
  • Theses, dissertations, symposia, conference proceedings, and other such materials are collected with a high degree of selectivity. Reprints and facsimiles are considered when the material is central to the collection focus.
  • Excluded types include textbooks, abridgements, study aids, limited editions, works by vanity presses, reprints and partial contents (e.g. single issues of journals, electronic versions of single chapters of books).

Subjects collected and collecting priorities

Collecting priorities are categorized into 3 levels:

A - highest emphasis
The collection includes major published materials required to support the core teaching and research at the highest degree level offered by the Department.
B - secondary emphasis
The collection includes a selection of materials to complement the discipline as a whole, although it may not be a primary focus for courses.
C - selective emphasis
Materials, including reference materials and basic journals and indexes are collected to introduce and define an area.
Subjects collected Classification Collecting priority
General Language and Linguistics P1 - P32 B
Textual Analysis P47 - P86 A
General Language P120 - P125 B
Technical Linguistics P216 - P299 C
English Philology and Language PE1 - PE1497 B
General Literature    
General Theory PN1 - PN58 B
Criticism and Authorship PN74 - PN440 B
Children's Literature PN441 - PN1009 B
Poetry PN1010 - PN1529 B
Drama PN1600 - PN3310 A
Prose PN3311 - PN4000 B
Diaries/Letters/Essays PN4390 - PN4698 C
Collections of General Literature PN6010 - PN6790 C
Motion Picture History & Criticism PN1993 - PN1999 A
Animated Films NC1765 - NC1766 A
English Literature    
General History PR1 - PR1097 B
Women Authors PR111 - PR116 A
Collections PR1098 - PR1489 C
Anglo-Saxon PR1490 - PR1802 B
Anglo-Norman - Middle PR1803 - PR2198 B
Early Modern PR2199 - PR3195.22 B
17th & 18th century PR3291 - PR3785 B
19th century PR3991 - PR5990 A
1900 - 1960 PR6000 - PR6049 A
1961 - 2000 PR6050 - PR6076 A
2001 - PR6100 - PR6126 A
Irish Literature PR8703 - PR8891 C
Post-colonial Literature PR9080 - PR9188 B
Caribbean Literature PR9205 - PR9320 B
African Literature PR9340 - PR9408 B
South Asian Literature PR9418 - PR9499 B
Australian & New Zealand Literature PR9600 - PR9639 C
American Literature    
Literary History & Criticism PS1 - PS478 B
Collections PS501 - PS699 B
Colonial PS700 - PS990 B
19th century PS991 - PS3499 B
1900 - 1960 PS3500 - PS3549 B
1960 - 2000 PS3550 - PS3576 B
2001 - PS3600 - PS3626 B
Canadian Literature    
Literary History & Criticism PS8001 - PS8599 B
Collections PS8231 - PS8379 B
Pre-Confederation PS8400 - PS8449 B
1867 - 1913 PS8450 - PS8499 B
1914 - 1967 PS8500 - PS8549 B
1968 - PS8550 - PS8599 A

Related programs and support

Materials related to English and Film Studies are also purchased by Communication Studies, Cultural Studies, Medieval Studies and Women and Gender Studies.

Consortial purchases with the TriUniversity Group of Libraries (Guelph, Waterloo, and Laurier University Libraries), with the Ontario Council of University Libraries, and on a national level through the Canadian Knowledge Research Network, are pursued.