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Policy Last Updated: August 1, 2007

Subject: Business


The Collection Development policy is used as a guide to shape relevant collections and to ensure consistency in collection development. The decision to purchase library materials is primarily the responsibility of the Collections Librarian in consultation with faculty in the Department.

This policy has been developed by Eun-ha Hong, the Collections Li


  • To support teaching, study and research up to the graduate level, as well as to support faculty research.
  • Special emphasis is to be placed on the following major areas of the School’s programme:
    • Accounting and control
    • Finance
    • Marketing
    • Organizational Behaviour
    • Production
    • Quantitative Techniques in Business
    • Business and Industrial Management


  • Language: primarily English materials are collected with the exception of relevant Canadian publications issued only in French. Materials published abroad in language other than English are excluded except when requested for specific research purposes.
  • Place of Publication: emphasis is placed on Canadian and American publications.
  • Dates of Publication: emphasis is placed on recently published works.
  • Chronological Period: heavy emphasis is given to current publication. Non-current titles which have historical interest or which illustrate the historical development of the various subject areas in Business Administration are also procured.
  • Geographical Areas: special emphasis is given to publications dealing with Canadian business and industry. American business and international business 2 operations are also stressed. Publications dealing with business and industrial problems in the United Kingdom, Australia, Western Europe and other areas of the world are extensively purchased when deemed relevant.
  • Publishers: works from scholarly and academic publishers are emphasized.

Types, formats, and readership of materials collected 

  • Materials with academic-level readership are selected.
  • Web-based formats for reference sources, journals and indexing sources are preferred. Print and microform are considered for reason of cost, availability, expected use or long term access.
  • Single copies of books in print formats are generally selected. Web-based formats are selected on a title by title basis, especially if the title is of interest to users at multiple Laurier campuses. Duplication of print across Laurier campuses is generally avoided.
  • Excluded types include textbooks, abridgements, study aids, limited editions, works by vanity presses, juvenile works, pamphlets, reprints and partial contents (eg. single issues of journals, electronic versions of single chapters of books).

Subjects collected and collecting priorities

Collecting priorities are categorized into 3 levels:

A - highest emphasis

The collection includes major published materials required to support the core teaching and research at the highest degree level offered by the Department.

B - secondary emphasis

The collection includes a selection of materials to complement the discipline as a whole, although it may not be a primary focus for courses.

C - selective emphasis

Materials, including reference materials and basic journals and indexes are collected to introduce and define an area.

Subjects collected


Collecting priority

Accounting and control


Accounting (general)

HF5601 - HF5625.7





Financial accounting



Managerial accounting



Industrial accounting




HF5667 - HF5668.25


Accounting and control in specific businesses and industries (e.g. dairy industry, extractive industry)





Corporate finance

HG4001 - HG4285


Investments and investment

HG4501 - HG6051



HD28 - HD70


Capital and capital markets

HG4523 - HG4524


Finance institutions (e.g. banks and banking)



HJ2240 - HJ3192.7


Real estate

HD1361 - HD1395.5



HG8001 - HG9999


Personal finance (e.g. consumer credit)

HG179; HG3755 - HG3756


Public finance

HJ9 - HJ2216


International finance

HG3879 - HG4000




Marketing (general)

HF5410 - HF5414.165


Marketing research

HF5415.2 - HF5415.3


Advertising (marketing communications)



Retailing and retail trade

HF5428 - HF5429.6


Sales management

HF5438 - HF5439.W5


Marketing planning



Consumers and consumer behaviour

HF5415.32 - HF54115.33


Consumerism and consumer protection



Organizational Behaviour


Organization (general)



Industrial relations

HD6958.5 - HD6976


Labor economics



Labor and laboring classes

HD6050 - HD6305.S92


Personal management

HF5549 - HF5549.5.T8


Administrative practices



Interpersonal relations



Business and industrial psychology

HF5548.8 - HF5548.85




Manufacturing operations, including production control, production, engineering, industrial engineering, factory management, quality control



Purchasing, including inventory control, materials management, value analysis



Management of technology and technological change



Industrial research (e.g. new products)

T175 - T178


Quantitative techniques in Business


Management science

T56 - T57; HD30.25


Operations research

T57.6 - T57.96


Business and Economic forecasting



Probability and statistics

HD30.215; HD38


Computers and management information systems



Business and industrial management


Business management



Industrial management



International business operations



Business and society

HD60 - HD60.5


Research methods



Business law

KF888 - KF889


Commercial law

K1001 - K1395


Corporate law

KE1381 - KE1462.2


Managerial and business economics



Business history

HD30.5 - HD30.65


Related programs and support 

Consortial purchases with the TriUniversity Group of Libraries (Guelph, Waterloo, Laurier university libraries), with the Ontario Council of University Libraries, and on a national level, are pursued.

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