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Library Student Advisory Council

What is the Library Student Advisory Council?

The Library Student Advisory Council (LSAC) will provide you with an opportunity to get involved with your Library! The purpose of the group is work together with the Library to develop and enhance Library services, policies, resources and physical and virtual spaces to meet user needs. There will be opportunities to help improve the student experience at the Library, gain valuable committee experience, and you’ll receive Co-Curricular Record credit.

The Library Student Advisory Council is a place where:

  • the Library can seek feedback from undergraduate and graduate students.
  • students can bring ideas and issues to the attention of the Libraries.
  • students can help provide a user’s perspective on Library resources and services.
  • students can participate in user needs assessment.

What’s involved?

The group will meet approximately twice per fall and winter terms (4 times a year). Councillors are expected to attend these meetings, and a minimum of 2 of the 4 meetings is expected for continued membership.

When are the meetings?

Council meetings will usually be held in: October, November, January and March. Most meetings will be held in the early evening after 5pm.

Who can apply?

We encourage participation from undergraduates, graduate students, and students from across all disciplines. The council will have up to 6 student members.

How can I apply?

Please complete the Library Student Advisory Council application form.