Accessibility (Brantford)


All Laurier students, faculty and staff with disabilities may contact the Laurier Library's Accessibility Services staff for assistance.

Information about other accessibility services on campus is available from the Accessible Learning Centre.

Accessing the Digital Library and Learning Commons (DLLC) in Grand River Hall (closed during Covid-19)

  • The Digital Library and Learning Commons (DLLC) in Grand River Hall can be reached by taking the elevators down to the first floor

Accessing the Brantford Public Library (BPL)

  • The library entrance from Colborne Street is accessible
  • The rear entrance to the library has an accessible ramp
  • Accessible washrooms are located on all floors, with the exception that there is no bathroom for men on the lower floor

Research assistance

Research help is available from the Laurier librarians on the first level of Grand River Hall (the building beside the Brantford Public Library) in Room 108A or Room 108B. You may book a research appointment with one of the Laurier librarians, Irene Tencinger or Pauline Dewan. Drop in visits are welcome, but note that a Laurier librarian may not always be available if you drop in without an appointment. Students, faculty and staff are also welcome to contact either Irene or Pauline by phone or email for help.

The Library also offers an online chat service. Click on the Ask Us link on our library website

Accessible Content E-Portal (ACE)

Accessible Content E-Portal (ACE) is a platform that provides access to a collection of books that have been digitized and made available online in accessible forms for universities participating in the service. Learn more ACE:

Video tutorials

The library has created a selection of short video tutorials on a variety of topics related to library research.

Retrieval of materials from the stacks

If a person's disability makes access to the book shelves difficult, Irene Tencinger or Pauline Dewan will retrieve materials. Individuals should supply a list of titles with call numbers.

Group study rooms

Rooms can be reserved for group study.

Assistance with microfilm/microfiche

The Laurier librarians will assist students, faculty and staff with relevant disabilities in accessing materials which are available in microfiche or microfilm formats.

Photocopying/Printing and Scanning

Multi-purpose printing, copying and scanning units in the DLLC are self-service. If an individual needs assistance with photocopying, printing or scanning please contact one of the Laurier librarians.

Borrowing privileges

In addition to standard borrowing privileges students who are registered with the Accessible Learning Centre are granted extended loan periods if required. Students who require extended loan periods should contact the Laurier librarians in Grand River Hall.

Adaptive technologies at BPL

The following adaptive technologies are available at the Brantford Public Library

  • Accessible workstation on the 3rd floor installed with JAWS, Kurzweil 3000, a scanner, and a ZoomText screen magnifier
  • A CCTV viewer that magnifies text on the main floor
  • SARA scanning and reading appliance on the main floor

Emergency procedures and fire safety

Fire Safety Plans and Emergency Procedures are available in accessible formats upon request.

Accessibility Policy

The Library's Accessible Service Policy may be viewed online. Print copies are available from the Library's Accessibility Services staff.

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