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Background Research

Encyclopedia of Law and Society
Covers important knowledge about law and society from an interdisciplinary perspective.

Finding Cases and Legislation

is a non-profit organization that has been engaged by the law societies of Canada that are members of the Federation of Law Societies of Canada to establish, operate, maintain and provide to the law societies a website dedicated to providing continuous access to a virtual library of Canadian legal information.
is a tool for finding information on legislation before parliament (as it moves from a bill to law)
Canada Gazette
is the official newspaper of the Government of Canada and contains new statutes, new and proposed legislation, board decisions, and public notices.
Justice Laws
is an online source of the consolidated Acts and regulations of Canada
has early legislation (pre 1920)
is a non-profit organization that maintains a website that contains international law cases (it is not comprehensive)

Understanding The Legal System

The Courts of Canada
Provides a highly detailed listing of the Courts of Canada and the acronyms used to describe them
Canadian Department of Justice
A great start to learn about Canada’s system of justice
Canada Guide
This website offers an easy to read guide on the Canadian legal system

Using Keywords in Databases

Try using the following terms when searching our databases: Law, Canon law, Culture and law, Justice, International law, Environmental law, Statutes, Technology and law, Legislation, Jurisprudence, Public relations and law, Procedure (Law), Formalities (Law), Law -- Canadian, etc.

Using Advanced searching in LexisNexis

If you’re trying to find a court case with a jury try typing in jury /p (sequester* or instruction* or selection*)

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Primary subject databases
Database Description
LexisNexis Quicklaw Canadian court decisions and legal commentary. View Full Description

Main databases

Secondary subject databases
Database Description
LexisNexis Academic Full-text documents for international news, business, legal research, and key people in the news. View Full Description

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Tertiary subject databases
Database Description
Periodicals Archive Online Full-text articles from journals in the humanities and social sciences. View Full Description

The following are examples of book resources available to WLU students, faculty and staff;

  • "Understanding law and society" by Max Travers (Abingdon : Routledge) 2010 (e-book)
  • "Conducting law and society research: reflections on methods and practices" by Halliday and Schmidt (Cambridge: Cambridge University Press) 2009 (K85 .H35)
  • "The handbook of law and society" by Sarat and Ewick (Chichester: Wiley-Blackwill) 2015 (e-book)
  • "Classic writings in law and society" by A. Javier Trevino (New Brunswick, NJ : Transaction Publishers) c2011 (K370. C56 2011)
  • "Canadian law: an introduction" by Neil Boyd (Toronto: Nelson Thomson Learning) c2002 (KE444. B69 2002) Also try browsing the book stacks! See how the beginning of many of these call numbers start with K? Go to the library and browse those shelves for additional book suggestions.

It is important to determine whether you are looking for foreign law or international law. Foreign law is material that is created by another country and is applicable to that country only, whereas international law is generated by one or more countries with the intension that it will apply to two or more countries.

Finding Cases and Legislation
is a non-profit organization that maintains a website that contains international law cases (it is not comprehensive)
Legal Information Institute
is the original "LII" website and contains American case law and legislation
is the British and Irish "LII" website that contains UK case law and legislation
General Human Rights Portal
is a collection of resources pertaining to human rights from around the world
is an electronic publication from the NYU School of Law dedicated to international and foreign law research
Open Jurist
is a free resource that includes United States Code and opinions of U.S. Supreme Court and of lower federal courts
PACER - Public Access to Court Electronic Records
is a public access service for United States case and docket information from federal appellate, district, and bankruptcy courts

International Organizations North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA) North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) International Criminal Court United Nations list of International Law, Courts and Tribunals

Are you in the joint Laurier and Sussex program? Have a look at the University of Sussex Library subject guide on Law.

In general, it is best to rely on legal information created within the legal system of the country you are studying along with academic sources. However, sometimes secondary material can be helpful.
is an open directory with listings of blogs maintained by lawyers, law librarians, marketers, IT professionals or paralegals in Canada. Blogs of particular note are Michael Geist and law school faculty blogs.
is an online legal magazine, written by and for the Canadian law community including lawyers, librarians, technologists, marketers, students, and educators.