Troubleshooting off-campus access problems

What is the meaning of Network Login?

Network Login refers to a valid MyLaurier account (Laurier students) or a valid Active Directory account (Laurier faculty and staff). Network Login can be used instead of using your OneCard or Alumni Card barcode number.

Should I use my Network Login or my OneCard barcode?

A valid Network Login account is recommended over a OneCard barcode because the Network Login account will eventually permit access to other Library and non-Library services. (Some patrons will need to use the barcode login option since they will not have a Network Login.)

If you have access issues after logging in with your Network account, close the browser and try logging in via the OneCard barcode option. (For retired faculty without Emeritus status, you will have to use this barcode option for the foreseeable future.)

Am I using the right number?

If you're not using a "Network Login" (see above), you can still use your Library barcode number. This is the 14 digit number (starting with "29084") under the barcode on your OneCard or Alumni Card.

Laurier OneCard with barcode location

I have recently changed registration status. What do I do?

  • Alumni (Laurier graduates) and retired faculty need to register with the Library to access resources.
  • Students or former students now employed at Laurier should contact the Library to ensure their status is updated.

I recently obtained a new OneCard. What do I do?

The Library receives a feed of updated OneCard numbers twice a day, at 12:45pm and 10:00pm. Depending on when you obtained your OneCard, it will not be registered with the Library until the next scheduled feed runs and internal processes are performed. You can just wait until this time and the access problem may be resolved.

If you need access immediately, new OneCards can be registered in person at the Library prior to the update feed running.

I'm using a OneCard that was previously replaced. What do I do?

The Library does not store earlier revisions of OneCard numbers. After reverting to an old OneCard, patrons must register their OneCard with the Library.

What's this "Oh no, our fault!" page?

You might not actually need to log in or there may be something wrong with the URL you're using. You may see an "Oh no, our fault!" page which just says that the URL you're using isn't listed in our off-campus access system. This may be a problem with our system (please let us know so we can fix it) or it may not need to be in the system at all. In the short term, you can try either of these if they apply:

  • If you're on campus or the resource is free, you may not need to sign in. Try removing "" from in front of your URL or web address or "" from somewhere in the middle. This gives you the URL for the resource itself without it asking you to sign in.
  • If you see "remote.libproxy" in the URL somewhere, remove the "remote." and try the URL again.

None of these tips work for me!

  • Double-check your last name:
    • The Library uses the name registered with the OneCard office, so try any other likely variations.
    • If your last name contains spaces, hyphens (-) or apostrophes ('), these should be included for Library access.
    • If your last name contains other special characters, for example umlauts, please contact us for assistance.
  • And you can always contact us to report any problem or ask any question.