Research data management

The Laurier Library provides research data management (RDM) services that support the proper creation, processing, documentation, and preservation of research data. These data can be quantitative or qualitative, primary or secondary, and can be produced in any number of versions and formats. RDM will help you manage data access during the project, improve discovery and provide persistent citations after the project ends, and increase research visibility and impact.  RDM will also help you satisfy your funding agencies' crucial data management and open access requirements.

How can the Laurier Library serve my RDM needs?

The Laurier Library offers consultative support and technical resources that will serve your RDM needs and obligations. We:

  • Consult on your project’s research and RDM obligations
  • Advise and collaborate on data management planning that is tailored to your project and to granting agency requirements
  • Inform on data management policies at Canadian and international funding agencies
  • Consult and provide support for our self-service data repository, Dataverse, as well as external, subject-specific repostories
  • Advise on data preservation requirements and practices
  • Offer research data management sessions to your departments, research team, institute, or graduate students

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Who can I contact to talk about RDM?

For more information on the Laurier Library’s Research Data Management services, contact Michael Steeleworthy, the Laurier Data Librarian.