Qualitative Methodologies in Criminology

Course #: CC426


Qualitative research can be challenging to find as these methodologies are not always well-indexed in bibliographic databases. This help guide will provide some tips and information to guide you in your search for qualitative research articles through databases.

Keywords Qualitative, ethnograph*, ground theor*, purposive sample, heuristic*, semiotics, lived experience*, narrative*, life experiences, cluster sample, action research, observational method, content analysis, thematic analysis, field study, theoretical sample, discourse analysis, focus group, enthnological research, interview*

Helpful Subject Guides

Qualitative Research Journal Suggestions

Qualitative research is found also in journals that include both quantitative and qualitative studies (Eg. Canadian Journal of Criminology and Criminal Justice, The British Journal of Criminology, Deviant Behaviour, Gender & Society, etc).

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Literature Reviews

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