Mapping Global Studies

Course #: GS102

Finding peer-reviewed articles and scholarly books for the assignment

  • Best practice: think about your topic in terms of important concepts for your search strategy
  • Do not type questions directly into a research database
  • Instead, type in your search terms (concepts)
  • For example, take the question "Is globalized popular culture the same everywhere or is it mediated by local practices?"
    • Break this down into specific concepts:
      • Popular culture
      • Global, globalized, globalization
      • local culture, local practice, local influence

Your search string will look like this:

"popular culture" AND globali* AND "local culture*" or "local practice*" OR "local influence*"

Search tips:

  • * and ? are wildcard/truncation symbols
  • "popular culture" - the " " specifies an exact phrase search
  • AND = specifies both terms must be found; cat AND dog
  • OR = specifies either term could be found; cat OR dog

Finding and identifying peer-reviewed (scholarly) sources


Citing Sources