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Lexis Advance Quicklaw Canadian court decisions and legal commentary. View full description.
LexisNexis Academic Full-text documents for international news, business, legal research, and key people in the news. View full description.
LexisNexis Quicklaw see Lexis Advance Quicklaw
Libraries Canada see Canada's Information Resource Centre
Library, Information Science & Technology Abstracts Index to articles, books, reports, proceedings, etc. about librarianship and information science. View full description.
Libris Canadiana Index for historical Canadian periodicals. View full description.
Life Sciences Digital Library see Colloquium Digital Library of Life Sciences
LILACS Scientific and technical health literature of Latin America and the Caribbean. View full description.
LION see Literature Online
List of online newspaper archives (via Wikipedia) see Wikipedia:List of online newspaper archives
LISTA see Library, Information Science & Technology Abstracts
Literary Index Indexes Gale publications: biographies and literary criticism. View full description.
Literary Theory and Criticism, Johns Hopkins Guide to see Johns Hopkins Guide to Literary Theory & Criticism
Literature Online Full text of more than 355,000 works in English, American and Canadian literature. View full description.
Literature Resource Center Full text biographical information, overviews, criticism and reviews on writers, past and present. View full description.
LLMC Digital An international collection of key historic legal texts and executive, legislative and judicial government documents. View full description.
LNA see LexisNexis Academic
London Times archive see Times : Digital Archive 1785-2010
LRC see Literature Resource Center
Luther, The Oxford Encyclopedia of Martin see Oxford Encyclopedia of Martin Luther, The
Major Canadian Cities Compared & Ranked see Canada's Information Resource Centre
Maney Publishing journals see Taylor & Francis Online
Manuscript Women's Letters and Diaries Collection of personal writings by American women of the 18th, 19th, and 20th centuries. View full description.
Market Research & American Business, 1935-1965 Market research reports and supporting documents regarding the American consumer boom of the mid-20th century. View full description.
Market Share Reporter Presents comparative business statistics with an immediate overview of companies, products and services and cites original sources View full description.
MarketLine: Advantage A collection of company, industry and country information, including over 200 countries and major industry sectors. View full description.
Martin Luther, The Oxford Encyclopedia of see Oxford Encyclopedia of Martin Luther, The
Mass Observation Online Papers from the archive of a pioneering British social research organization. View full description.
Masterfile see 19th Century Masterfile: 1106-1930
Mathematical Reviews see MathSciNet
MathSciNet Reviews, with abstracts, to the world's literature in mathematics and related areas. View full description.
Media Catalog Search A database of media included in the Laurier collection and other collections across Ontario. View full description.
Media Line see
Medical Literature Analysis and Retrieval System Online see MEDLINE (via ProQuest) Video collection of classical concerts, operas, and ballets, with related information and material. View full description.
Medieval Family Life Medieval documents on the topics of family, business, the law, violence, etc. View full description.
Medieval Studies - Oxford Bibliographies A collection of core resources in medieval studies. Selected by experts. View full description.
Medieval Studies @ EBSCOhost Selected EBSCOhost databases for Medieval Studies. View full description.
Medieval Studies @ ProQuest Selected ProQuest databases for Medieval Studies. View full description.
Medieval Travel Writing Important manuscripts by European travellers. View full description.
MEDLARS Online see MEDLINE (via ProQuest)
MEDLINE (via ProQuest) Key index for biomedical and related literature. View full description.
MEDLINE (via Web of Science) see Web of Science
Mental Measurements Yearbook with Tests in Print Information about and reviews of English-language standardized tests. View full description.
Mergent Key Business Ratios see Key Business Ratios
Mergent Online Provides business and financial information on more than 10,000 public companies around the world. View full description.
MFL see Medieval Family Life
MIA see Moving Image Archive
MicroLog see Canadian Research Index
Mid East Wire see