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Benchmarking tool see Financial Performance Data
Berg journals see Taylor & Francis Online
Biblical Studies - Oxford Bibliographies A collection of core resources in biblical studies. Selected by experts. View full description.
Bibliographie annuelle de l'histoire de France du cinquième siècle à 1958 Print index of books and articles for French history. View full description.
Bibliographie der deutschen Sprach- und Literaturwissenschaft German-language articles, books and other publications. View full description.
Bibliography of Asian Studies Index for western-language materials on all subjects pertaining to East, Southeast, and South Asia. View full description.
Bibliography of British and Irish History A bibliography that lists books and articles pertaining to British and Irish history View full description.
Bibliography of English Women Writers (1500-1640) Lists texts, editions and scholarship, along with bibliographic tools. View full description.
Bibliography of Native North Americans Contains citations to books, journal articles, essays, conference papers, and government documents. View full description.
BID see Banking Information Database
Big Guide to Living and Working Overseas see MyWorldAbroad
Biography, Dictionary of National see Oxford Dictionary of National Biography
Bioline International : Active Journals by Country Open access bioscience journals from developing countries. Laurier Library supports this collection. View full description.
Biological Science Database Citations and abstracts to research in biomedicine, biotechnology, zoology and ecology. View full description.
Biological Sciences see Biological Science Database
BioMed Central journals see BMC Journals
BIOSIS Citation Index Life science database with citation information. View full description.
BIOSIS Citation Index see Web of Science
BIOSIS Previews see BIOSIS Citation Index
BIOSIS Previews see Web of Science
BIS see Banking Information Database
BIWLD see British and Irish Women's Letters and Diaries
Black Drama Full-text plays and related information from around the world. View full description.
Black Thought and Culture Full-text non-fiction works by leading African-Americans. View full description.
Black Women in America Based on the 2005 three-volume print edition, includes biographical and topical articles. View full description.
Blackwell-Wiley resources see Wiley Online Library
Bloomsbury journals see Taylor & Francis Online
Blue Book of Canadian Business see CBR: Canadian Business Resource
BMC Journals Collection of more than 200 peer-reviewed open access biomedical journals. View full description.
BNNA see Bibliography of Native North Americans
Book Citation Index see Web of Science Core Collection
Books @ ProQuest see eBooks @ ProQuest
Brepolis see Bibliography of British and Irish History
British and Irish Women's Letters and Diaries Full-text primary source material. View full description.
British Library Newspapers All issues from 48 national, regional and local newspapers, from the British Library holdings. View full description.
British Parliamentary Papers see U.K. Parliamentary Papers
British Periodicals, 19th Century see 19th Century UK Periodicals
Bryn Mawr Classical Review Book reviews of current scholarly works in classical studies, including archaeology. View full description.
BSC see Business Source Complete
Business Collection see Business Premium Collection
Business College Set see Cabells Scholarly Analytics
Business News, Regional see Regional Business News
Business Premium Collection Search tool for business and management publications. View full description.
Business Source Complete Includes scholarly journals, books, case studies, marketing research and other business and economics material. View full description.
Busy Man’s Daily Journal, The see Daily Mail: Historical Archive 1896-2004
C.R.I.S. : the combined retrospective index set to journals in history, 1838-1974 Print index for English-language periodicals for history. View full description.
C19: The Nineteenth Century Index Index to books, magazines, documents, newspapers. View full description.
Cabell's Directories see Cabells Scholarly Analytics
Cabells Scholarly Analytics Contact and submission information for scholarly publishing in various business subjects. View full description.
Cambridge Core: Histories see Cambridge Histories