Hill Times, The (local PDFs)

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Independently-owned twice-weekly news publication based in Ottawa, covering Canadian politics and foreign policy.
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2008 - present
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This page duplicates content from The Hill Times back to the beginning of Laurier Library's subscription to this resource. Content can also be accessed through SFX which may provide other access points.

Since February 2016, this includes the "Wednesday Edition" which used to be "The Embassy".

Subjects covered:
  • Canadian Studies
  • Global Governance
  • Global Studies
  • Government Information
  • Interdisciplinary
  • International Public Policy
  • North American Studies
  • Political Science
Alternate titles:
  • The Hill Times (local PDFs)
  • Embassy, The (local PDFs) (since February 2016)
  • The Embassy (local PDFs) (since February 2016)