Individual study rooms (Waterloo)

Reserve an individual study room.

Individual study rooms can be reserved by students registered with the Accessible Learning Centre or by Laurier PhD candidates actively engaged in research.

Individual quiet study rooms located on floors 3, 5-7 of the Waterloo campus library. Tutoring or support persons are permitted in rooms on the 4th floor.

How to book

  • Book a room using the online booking form up to a week in advance.
  • Bookings are for 3 hour time slots, on a first come first served basis.
  • Rooms may be booked for a maximum of six hours per day unless an extension has been granted (see room regulations below)
  • Pick up and return the key to the Services and Help Desk, main floor.

Description of rooms

  • Rooms are located on floors 3-7, near the centre of the floor, facing Albert St.
  • Each room has a networked laptop computer with speakers, funded through a Student Life Levy award.
  • Software is the same as standard Library workstations, and includes Microsoft Office and accessibility software (e.g. Zoomtext, Kurzweil). A USB key with JAWS software is available on request at the Services and Help Desk, main floor.
  • Detailed description of each room.

Room regulations

  • To be used for quiet study by a single person only.
  • Not to be used as an office, for group study, for meeting with students, or for tutoring (tutoring permitted in rooms on 4th floor).
  • Do not block the window for safety reasons.
  • Do not leave library materials in the room. Any items left in the room will be removed and reshelved.
  • The Library will not assume any responsibility for lost or stolen materials.
  • With approval by a letter or email from a Graduate Officer or an Accessible Learning Centre Disability Consultant, rooms may on occasion be booked for a longer period of time, to use in preparation for comprehensive exams, final theses or research papers. The signed letter or email, clearly outlining the period of time that extended use is required and the number of extra hours per booking, may be brought to the User Services and Help Desk on the main floor of the Library or (in the case of ALC students) be forwarded to Julie Schnurr, Library Accessibility Associate (


  • Late return of key: 50 cents per minute or $30 per hour to a maximum of $75
  • Key not returned: $75
  • Discretionary fee for damages or items left in room: $30 minimum