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Changes to reserves

New electronic reserve options

Recent developments in Canadian copyright legislation and the Access Copyright agreement allow the Library to offer more options for electronic course reserves. For example, the Library can now digitize and make available electronically book chapters, including many works previously included in course packs. The Library also has an increasing number of electronic books, articles and videos that we can make links to for course reserve. Electronic availability means easier access to course readings for students.

In addition, electronic readings can now be integrated into your MyLearningSpace course to make access more convenient for students. This requires minor configuration within your MyLearningSpace course to set up, but once configured will automatically display links to all electronic course readings.

With these new options, we encourage you to make use of electronic reserve options where possible to increase access and availability for students. Remember to submit your readings for reserve early to avoid the rush. For instructions, see the Course readings (reserves) page.

Please contact for details.

Print Course Packs

All requests for the production of print course packs should now be directed to the Library Reserves unit using this on-line form. While the Print-on-Demand (POD) feature will be automatically activated for online course readings in ARES, the ability to request traditional course packs remains available to faculty if there is a pedagogical necessity to do so. Please note that the primary purpose of POD is flexibility and cost savings for Laurier students. We have established that over 80% of readings that constitute any given print course pack are available in the Library through various licenses, subscriptions and ownership. Therefore, the use of electronic course readings by faculty automatically provides students with the option of using Print-on-Demand, enabling cost saving and enhancing accessibility in our multi-campus and increasingly online environment.

Print reserves on open shelves (Waterloo Campus)

Only an electronic version of course reserve books will be purchased. Print course reserves will include books already in our collection or faculty personal copies. Personal copies can be security stripped for additional security with permission of the owner.

Students will still be asked to sign reserve materials, but it is likely that more students will browse and photocopy materials without signing them out. As is the case now, students won’t be able to leave the library with materials that aren’t signed out, or to remove 3-hour reserve materials from the Library even if signed out. Reserve materials will be clearly marked and identifiable as reserve items, and we will do frequent scans for reserve items left throughout the Library and return them to the reserves area.