Data management plans

What is a Data Management Plan?

Data management plans (DMP) identify how research data will be stewarded during a research program and beyond. They describe how research data will be managed and documented throughout a research project and the terms regarding the subsequent archiving of the data for long-term management and preservation (CASRAI). DMPs help researchers and stakeholders understand:

  • how data will be collected, documented, formatted, protected and preserved
  • whether and how data will be shared
  • what data will be for archiving, and where it is expected to be located
  • who is responsible for data
  • what resources are required to maintain, access and preserve the data
  • ethical constraints that guide the collection, access, and use of the data
  • storage, backup, transmission, and high performance computing (HPC) requirements

DMPs are best written during the project inception or grant application phase but can be considered at any time during the life of the research program.

DMPs and Indigenous Data Sovereignty

DMPs and Tri-Agency grant applications in general must recognize Indigenous data sovereignty rights. Research conducted by and with First Nations, Métis, and Inuit communities and organizations must be guided by DMPs or data management methodologies that are co-developed with these communities, in formats they accept, and be open to renegotiation. Researchers may benefit from OCAP® training from the First Nations Information Governance Centre

Tri-Agency DMP Requirements

Since 2021, SSHRC, NSERC, and CIHR have required all grant proposals to include methodologies that reflect research data management (RDM) best practices. In certain funding opportunities, grant proposals will require an accompanying data management plan (DMP) that formalizes these methodologies in one document.

The Laurier DMP Service

The Laurier Library provides data management planning services with its DMP Assistant web tool. We work with researchers to identify their data management requirements and develop a roadmap to help them plan for gaps and contingencies. Services begin with a needs assessment based on field-based DMP templates, continue through consultation and recommendation, or even to DMP writing and development itself. Contact us to get started on your DMP.