Music, Culture and Technology

Course #: MU474

Why not just Google it?

  • Google Scholar, JSTOR, or Primo? Because there are more efficient ways.



Search Primo (and limit to books). Consider a wide range of search terms, and pay attention to the subject headings so you can refine your search. For example, starting broadly with "music AND technology" might lead to:

  • acoustical engineering, audio equipment, computer sound processing, copyright, magnetic recorders and recording, microphone, musical notation, sound recording and reproducing, sound recording industry, etc.

If you plan early enough, consider searching WorldCat to identify books at other Ontario University libraries and get them using Interlibrary Loan. (see this video tutorial on how to do this).


While you can find articles using Primo or Google Scholar, it is much more efficient to search a database that is devoted solely to music and related fields. As with books, search broadly and then pay attention to the subject headings assigned to articles. Also remember to look at the articles' bibliographies.

Remember that your topic may straddle other disciplines as well, such as computer engineering, or social work, so consider other subject databases.


Theses and dissertations often cover narrow topics, and can be mined for other book and articles references.