Modern Music 1890-1975

Course #: MU375

research tips

  • know how to find subject headings, and to combine keywords:
  • identify more items than you need (some may be hard to find or off topic)
  • keep track of where you look and the keywords you use
  • use a variety of sources: articles should be from more than one journal
  • start early (we can get you material from other libraries)




    Beyond the articles you might find using Omni, the following databases provide more direct access to scholarly articles

    Hopefully most of the articles will be in electronic format. If not:


    Go to Scores to find scores in print and online.

    streaming music

    • Naxos
      • basic search and Guided Tours
      • combine Time Period with other facets (e.g., instrument)
      • mobile app
    • Music and Performing Arts
      • broader in scope than Naxos, includes both audio and text (scores, books)
      • choose Classical music, then time periods
      • In results, use facets at the left (format, date, place, etc.)


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