Introduction to Sociology II: Exploring Social Life

Course #: SY 103 B & C

Your Library research module is worth 10% of your mark, and will familiarize you with our tutorials, what plagiarism is and how to avoid it, and how to create a bibliography of relevant articles on your topic of choice.

You have been given three possible areas for topics:

  • Colonialism & Canada
  • Bio-technology
  • Green Revolution

Articles for each of these topics could be found in areas outside of sociology, so I'm going to suggest that you use ProQuest (ALL) to do your search because it includes articles from Agricultural and Biological Sciences, as well as Technology related databases.

The way I do searching is a bit unique, but it really works well. A step-by-step description of my method can be found here, which is a course guide called How to Anne Kelly your search".. As you will discover, it's a lot more difficult than you think finding articles that are both relevant and appropriate on your topic. Remember, this is a Sociology class, so pick topics that have some connection with people. Often, subject headings like social responsibility, social impact, racism, human rights, ethics, reflect tyour topic's impact on people or groups.

You will want to make sure each of the three articles you chose for your bibliography is really about the same topic. Then you will need to format your bibliography in ASA style (see the sidebar for a link to an ASA style guide).

Don't forget to print off the first page of each article (the one with the abstract on it) and staple them to the back of your printed off bibliography, which is due in class on February 26th, 2019.

SY 103 worksheet