Conservation Biology

Course #: BI409

Citation Style from the Journal of Conservation Biology

Style Guide:

Research: The Essential Steps

1.Research Process - identify and develop your topic

2.Determine your search strategy

3.Catalogues are for BOOKS

4.Indexes and Databases are for JOURNAL ARTICLES

5.Do it

6.Evaluate what you find

7.Cite what you find

Determine your search strategy

  • Get an overview
  • Develop a concept map
  • Choice of keywords
  • Use of limits and filters
  • What type of information do you need?
  • How do I ensure I get this type of information?
  • Where can i get this information?

Catalogues are for books

  • Primo at
  • Keyword searching but then can use details under each book to look for subject headings
  • Know where to find a book on the shelf? Call numbers

Just do it!

  • Do not get trapped into a continuous search loop - know when to ask for help
  • Searching is an iterative process - keep track of where and how you search
  • Using subject headings or MeSH will create better more targeted results
  • Use tools like Mendeley or Zotero
  • Use the Get it @ Laurier button to connect to the full-text resources
  • Getting access to articles that our Library does not have:
    • Library main page
    • Look for "Requests from other Libraries" under Services
    • Sign into RACER
    • Use barcode as login and last name in lower case as password
    • Set to Laurier ciruculation desk

Evaluate what you find

  • How is the paper organized?
  • Do you know what all of the terms mean?
  • What problem is this paper asking about?
  • Why is this study important?
  • What is the objective?
  • What are the conclusions?
  • What is the supporting evidence?
  • Are there any doubts that this conclusion is right?
  • What would you do next?
  • Was there any bias?
  • Was this paper peer-reviewed