Athletics and Societies in the Modern World

Course #: HI355


Hello! In addition to the information provided below, and the links to brief web tutorial videos, please do not hesitate to connect with me if you are looking for specific sources, need help in determining resources, or if you want to meet via Zoom to talk about your research.

Background information

To go beyond Wikipedia to find background information on your topics, consider these academic sources:

Books and Articles in Omni

Search Omni for books, articles, videos, and other sources held by the Laurier Library. Depending on your search terms, the large number of results can be intimidating, but you can narrow down your search by clicking the options to the left of the results.

Scholarly articles

If sifting through large numbers of academic article results in Omni is difficult, consider using a specialized database that contains article citations focused on discipline. Some databases helpful in this field of study include:

Popular magazine articles

The library subscribes to many popular magazine titles such as Macleans or Sports Illustrated

News sources

The Library has access to thousands of current and archival news content sources.

Primary sources

The library subscribes to a large variety of primary source databases.

Streaming video 

The Library subscribes to a number of documentary streaming services. We also subscribe to thousands of popular and current movies through the Audio Ciné Films and Criterion including many sports titles.