Religion and Celebrity

Course Number: AF101C

Subject: Religion and Culture

understanding the concepts

Choose keywords, and search tips

  • Formulate a research question in order to focus your ideas about the topic.
  • Write down the different concepts used in this question, e.g.,
  • Use "quotation marks" to combine terms into a phrase
    • e.g., "cultural icon"
  • Use an asterisk* to search for variations of a word
    • e.g., Canad*

Familiarize yourself with your topic

Find books

A keyword search in Omni is the broadest type of search when looking for books. Type in the keywords that broadly describe your topic or try using some of the following keywords below if you need inspiration. The search results will display both print and electronic books, and initially, a whole bunch of articles. Consider narrowing your results just to books at this point.

  • use the facets on the left-hand side to narrow results

Find ebooks

  • Laurier's ebooks are just as scholarly as our print books
  • While all our ebooks are catalogued in Omni, you can search across the full text of ebooks searching the collections. Start with Proquest Ebook Central.

Find articles

  • A good place to start is Omni. Limit to “Articles” under Resource Type on the left-hand side
    • TIP: This search can sometimes cast the net TOO wide, similar to Google Scholar
    • TIP: Look for citation style info along the way
  • There are also specialized databases for every subject. Some that might be helpful for this class include

Other Research Materials

Click on the "Research Materials" tab at the top of this page to look beyond books and articles. In particular, look at:

Create the bibliography