Politics and Faith in an Age of Anger

Course Number: GC480A

Subject: Global Citizenship

For this class, an Academic Source includes peer-reviewed scholarly articles, monographs, expert reports, official church statements etc. With the permission of the instructor, it may also include longer essays in popular periodicals, statements, talks, speeches, videos, podcasts etc. by recognized public policy experts or practitioners in the field.


The concepts included in the broad categories of "politics" and "faith" require creative use of alternate search terms. For example, an article about how faith-based denominational affiliation affects voting patterns may not actually include "faith" "denomination" or "voting" in the parts of the record that are being searched, but instead use "religion" "secularism" and "elections." Before you search, consider the terminology used in the course syllabus; and when you find an article such as this, look at the subject headings for alternative keywords and subjects.

peer-reviewed scholarly articles

popular magazine articles

newspaper articles

monographs (books)

  • Finding books in Omni
  • Finding eBooks
  • In Omni results, under "Modify your search," limit the search facets to "Books and eBooks" and "Available online"
    • If you are near the Laurier Library, you can also request print books via "Books to Go"
    • When you locate an appropriate book, look at the assigned subject headings to find other material
  • Omni only searches the record of the book (i.e, author, title, subjects), not the full text. You can also search the full text contents of our ebooks by searching through our ebook platforms
  • If you identify a book but cannot locate an ebook version in Omni, try the following
    • Hathitrust
      • 300K titles that match our print collection
    • Internet Archive
      • public domain (pre-1923) material, but also in-copyright material as well

official church statements

Besides Google, there is no one database that would cover this material. If you are searching for documents from a particular denomination, consider the site: function, as in:

grey literature

Grey literature is often unpublisher material such as conference proceedings, internal planning documents, statements, white papers, and working papers, and is created by corporations, governments, non-governmental and professional organizations, think tanks, and universities. Just like searching for church statements, use similar Google limiters:

  • site:net, site:edu, site:.org
  • site:gc.ca

The Library's subscription to Scholars Portal Books also has several related collections

See more information about finding Government Documents


The Library subscribes to a number of streaming video services, the following might be helpful for this class