Lives of Peace and Conflict

Course Number: AF101B

Subject: History

Familiarize yourself with the topic

Choose keywords

Find books (and e-books, videos, music...)

  • Search Primo for books on your topic
    • NOTE default search is both books and articles so choose the “books” tab if you want to eliminate articles.
  • Start with broad keywords (e.g. “arab israel conflict”)
    • click “refine your results” (left-hand side) to narrow results
    • TIP: For additional books, click the "details" link of a book that looks pertinent, and then the subject link(s) for that book
    • TIP: Are the books on your topic checked out? You can always use an e-book
    • TIP: You can also order a book or a photocopy of an article from another library at no cost to you

Note about ebooks

  • Laurier's ebooks are just as scholarly as our print books
  • They are available 24/7 online
  • Some of our ebooks can be downloaded and read on mobile devices (but not on the Kindle)
  • You can copy and print from ebooks
  • Ebrary is one of our most popular ebook platforms

Find articles

Understanding search results

  • is it a book or journal article: how to decipher citations
  • If you get too many search results, use narrower search terms, e.g. “israel” instead of “jewish”
    • Try adding more concepts to your search
      • e.g., “Jewish” AND “arab” AND “relations” AND “history”)
      • adding more terms that are linked by “AND” will decrease your number of search results
      • Better Searching Using AND, OR, NOT
  • If you get too few search results, consider broader categories (“religion” rather than “islam”)
    • Add alternate terms for each concept (“religion” OR “judaism”)
    • Adding more terms that are linked by “OR” will increase your number of search results
  • TIP: Look at book and article bibliographies. One author can lead you to others in the field

Evaluating your sources

Create the bibliography