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Oxford Reference: Earth Sciences and Geography

Oxford Reference Online offers a huge range of fully-indexed, extensively linked, up to date, and cross-searchable dictionary, language reference, and subject reference works published by Oxford University Press, including detailed information across a...

Land Resources Management

Scholarly Research Databases GEOBASE - Multidisciplinary database for peer-reviewed articles in geography, geology and ecology. Web of Science - Articles primarily in the natural sciences, but also social sciences, arts and humanities coverage... GESC493

Sage Knowledge

Hundreds of full-text electronic books on the topics of: Business & Management Communication & Media Studies Counseling & Psychotherapy Criminology & Criminal Justice Education Geography, Earth & Environmental Science Health...

Data and Statistics

Portals CANSIM at Statistics Canada CANSIM is StatCans statistical database. It contains thousands of tables and reports from all fields odesi ODESI contains microdata from Statistics Canada, Elections Canada, as well as polling data. Build your...

Global Food Systems

For Key Articles on a Topic/In a Field start at Web of Science do a search for your Topic; sort results by Times Cited - Highest to lowest follow the "Times cited" link to see other papers in WOS that cite the article see Refining... GG/ES362

Development and the Environment

Finding scholarly sources: Scholarly articles - go to the Geography Subject page and start at the Geography and Environmental Sciences @ ProQuest database bundle search on your city with other terms such as "mitigation" or "adaptation" and "policy" or... GESC291

Doing Justice and Christian Social Ethics Today

Starting out Search tip: Picking a topic video tutorial Background Material Oxford Bibliographies peer-reviewed, annotated bibliographies that point to important resources by narrow topic, e.g, Biblical Studies - Ethics... GC203A

Professional Skills Development for Masters Students/Doctoral Students

First steps: research question and literature review The Library system Unique things to know Constructing a search string How to tell if a journal is peer-reviewed Citation Metrics Create a "controlled vocabulary" Dissertations and Theses... GG700-800

Research Methods and Thesis Preparation

What is a literature review First steps Create your own research vocabulary Metasearch Expert Consultation Dissertations and Theses What about Google Scholar? Managing your information resources Further reading What is a literature review... GESC360

Academic Literacy: Social Sciences

The Research Process Identify a Research Question Start your research with a question in mind which will help you identify the main concept(s) for your topic. From these concepts you can identify the best keywords to search for information. If my broad... BF290-BR

Marketing Plan Assignment

Welcome to Laurier Library's Marketing Plan Assignment course guide for BU 352. This guide provides information sources to help you research and analyze each section of the Marketing Plan assignment: Market Trend Analysis, Environmental Analysis,... BU352