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Research Methods for Communication Studies

Course Readings Finding peer-reviewed journal articles Finding scholarly books or book chapters Course Readings Lynch, T., Tompkins, J., van Driel, I., and Fritz, N. [2016]. "Sexy, strong, and secondary: A content analysis of female characters in video... CS235B

Gender, Communication & Culture

Steps for finding sources Work from assigned readings: Check for a list of keywords in the reading Check references attached to the reading Search for article titles in Omni or search for Journal Titles Search... CS322B

Canadian Communication in Context

Five tips for scholarly research How to find a focus What are scholarly sources Important search tips Books and Government documents Scholarly articles News articles and Government sources Other resources What about using google scholar A) Five... CS101B

User Experience Design

Start Your Research Picking a topic Developing a research question Common essay mistakes Find Articles How to find articles on a topic Using keywords effectively Narrowing down your search Finding more sources Find Books Finding books:...

Sage Knowledge

Hundreds of full-text electronic books on the topics of: Business & Management Communication & Media Studies Counseling & Psychotherapy Criminology & Criminal Justice Education Geography, Earth & Environmental Science Health...

Feminist Print & Periodical History

Steps for finding sources 1) Work from an assigned reading or other key source: Check for a list of keywords in the item Check references attached to the item Find full text by search for book or article titles in Omni or search for Journal Titles... CS400P

Site index

A B C D E F G H I J K L M N O P Q R S T U V W Y A Academic Support and Advising (University service) Accessibile services ACE (Accessible Content E-Portal) Adam Matthews databases Alexander Street Press databases Alumni (...

Graduate Students

Printable guide Doing research Using research materials Working in the Library Key contacts Getting involved Printable Guide Printable graduate student guide (PDF) Doing research Library subject guides Library online tutorials Research...

Coronavirus Disease (COVID-19)

Resource Guide for 2019 Novel Coronavirus (2019-nCoV) and Coronavirus Disease (Covid-19) Last updated: March 22, 2021 Introduction This guide presents information resources on the topic of the pandemic. This resource is intended for research purposes...

Introduction to Media History

First steps Find a focus Background Tips Books Scholarly articles Other resources A) First steps Your OneCard is your library card. New cards should be automatically registered. You will be asked to login when accessing paid resources from off... CS100B

Searching for Indigenous Scholarship in Social Work

Getting started Terminology Searching for articles Searching for books Nontraditional sources Getting started This page has been created to help you search for Indigenous scholarship, which can mean: scholarship that engages with Indigenous...

Popular magazines vs trade publications vs scholarly journals

The following General Guidelines describe the three main types of periodicals: popular magazines, trade publications, and scholarly journals. Not all periodicals fall into these categories. If you aren't sure if a publication is appropriate for your...

Environment, Psychology and Action

Big idea: Surface web and deep web Surface web: The region of the Internet that anyone with Internet connect can access for free Deep web: The region of the Internet that requires passwords or subscriptions to access. By some estimates, the deep web is... PS383

Academic Literacy: Social Sciences

The Research Process Identify a Research Question Start your research with a question in mind which will help you identify the main concept(s) for your topic. From these concepts you can identify the best keywords to search for information. If my broad... BF290-BR

Logistics & Supply Chain Management

Welcome to Laurier Library's Logistics & Supply Chain Management course guide. Use the links below to navigate to the different sections of this guide. Company Research Industry Reports Industry Associations and Institutes Surveys Green Supply... BU605