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ProQuest Historical Newspapers: The Globe and Mail

This resource provides full text access to the content of the Canadian newspaper, from 1844 up to four years ago. Pages are viewable as PDF images, but the text is also searchable. Content includes regular articles as well as images, advertisements,...


Factiva is a global news and business information service incorporating the content sets of Dow Jones Interactive and Reuters Business Briefing services. It also includes many full text articles from magazines and scholarly journals in all subject areas...

Canadian News @ ProQuest

Includes: Canadian Business & Current Affairs Database Canadian Newsstream ProQuest Historical Newspapers: The Globe and Mail ProQuest Historical Newspapers: Toronto Star

Recipients of the Library Undergraduate Research Award

The Library Undergraduate Research Award committee has announced this year's award winners. The Library Undergraduate Research Awards are given to recognize undergraduate students who demonstrate exceptional use of any library's resources as part of...

ProQuest databases (all)

ProQuest is one of the primary database and library resource providers for academic libraries and this platform provides cross-searchable access to almost all of those products. Although searching all databases on the platform will produce results from...

News articles

Finding newspaper articles Current news sources News archives online Local newspapers Print & microform News summaries Alternative news Editorial cartoons Finding newspaper articles Finding free online news articles: getting behind paywalls (...

Reading Seminar on the Era of the US Civil War

Scholarly sources Evaluating Resources How do I know if my source is scholarly? (4:21) What is a peer-reviewed journal? (1:42) Identifying Peer-Reviewed Journals (2:15) How to find scholarly books (3:04) Secondary Sources Books Search Omni - items... HI445

Finding quality on the internet

Google Wikipedia The Internet contains an enormous amount of information, but the quality varies widely. Since there are no standards for content or format of freely available Internet resources, it is up to the user to locate and access quality...

Digital Creativity

A Note about Copyright Linking to Library Resources Books Search Omni for your topic. Refine your resulst at the left: "Available online" "Books and Ebooks" ebooks are included but just based on the citation data. You can also search the full... DH100

Wilfrid Laurier University Library appoints two new directors as culture commons initiative gathers momentum

The Wilfrid Laurier University Library has appointed two new directors to its leadership team to help realize the vision of the Library as a hub of learning, research, culture and creative exchange for the university and surrounding community. Lisa Quinn...

Cultural Perspectives I

Choose keywords Formulate a research question in order to focus your ideas about the topic. Please see our video tutorial on developing an effective research question Write down the different concepts used in this question (“frankenstein” AND “film... LL200

Research Paper and Seminar

Welcome to EC481 course guide. This guide provides information sources to help you complete a research paper that applies economic analysis to a policy issue. It focuses on using library resources to select a topic and frame your research question, write... EC481

New Venture Integrated Guide

Welcome to New Venture Integrated Guide. You may use it to prepare for your new venture projects and competition. It incorporates key information sources into one guide to help you conduct research on a new product or service, particularly focusing on... BU121