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About Omni Borrowing and fines Course reserves (ARES) How to use Omni My Omni account Requesting books from other libraries Questions and help About Omni How is Omni different than Primo? Omni has an updated search interface, and expands our...

Integrating Theory and Practice

About this Guide This guide was created for SK536 students. It provides information about doing a literature review, finding sources that contribute to evidence-based practice, critically evaluating sources of information, and citing. Doing a Literature... SK536

Qualitative Methods in Psychology

Using deep web search engines to find articles on a research topic Overview of deep web search engines Not all information is freely available on the Internet. There is a vast amount of information that is only available to those who pay for access.... PS398

Transgender Day of Remembrance, November 20th

Every year, the Transgender Day of Remembrance is observed on November 20th, to honour and remember all transgender people lost to violence. This can include both physical violence, such as brutal physical attacks and murder, as well as psychological...

Indigenous People and Anthropology

The Research Process Identify a Research Question It is best to start your research with a question in mind. This question will help you identify the main concepts for your topic and you can use those to identify the best keywords. For this guide my... ID/SOJE205-BR

Slavery in the United States, 1619-1877

Evaluating Resources What is a primary source? Citing (Chicago Manual of Style) Secondary Sources reference (companions and subject encyclopedias) American Slavery: A Very Short Introduction (Oxford) Black Women in America Concise... HI330

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MBA Company Project

Welcome to Laurier Library's MBA Company Project course guide. This guide provides information sources to help you explain recent company performance and value the shares of the company. You might also want to visit the Company Research guide for... BU

Management Control Fiasco Assignment

Welcome to Laurier Library's Management Control Fiasco research guide for BU620: Management Controls. This guide provides information sources to help you conduct research on your chosen organization and its management control fiasco. You may also want to... BU527