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Welcome Just like students and faculty, all staff of Wilfrid Laurier University have full access to the collections and services of the Laurier Library. We welcome you to let us help you and support you in your work, private learning, and fun! Our...

How to put course readings on reserve

There are 3 options for submitting course reading (reserve) lists: Complete the Ares reserve form located within the Ares system Send requests via email Type or write legibly on request forms available in the Reserve Room Processing times Reserve...

Survey of the Christian Tradition: History/Theology

Starting out Search tip: watch Picking a topic (video tutorial) Background material Oxford Bibliographies peer-reviewed, annotated bibliographies that point to important resources by narrow topic, e.g., Biblical Theology in the Old Testament... GC204A

Computer workstations

Waterloo campus Public Access Stations Located on all floors, these computers are intended to provide quick access to the Omni search tool. They can be used by anyone, including Laurier guests, for library research only. They are located on the 2nd...

Searching for Indigenous Scholarship in Social Work

Getting started Terminology Searching for articles Searching for books Nontraditional sources Getting started This page has been created to help you search for Indigenous scholarship, which can mean: scholarship that engages with Indigenous...

Canadian Research Index

This resource provides citations and abstracts to Canadian government and research publications on microfiche. It includes all depository publications of research value issued by both the federal government and the ten provinces and two of the three...

Applied Business Research

Welcome to Laurier Library's MBA - Applied Business Research Guide. This guide will introduce you to some of the different types of business research you may need to do while working on your consultation projects - this can include conducting primary... BU610

Research Paper and Seminar

Welcome to EC481 course guide. This guide provides information sources to help you complete a research paper that applies economic analysis to a policy issue. It focuses on using library resources to select a topic and frame your research question, write... EC481

Applying Leadership Experience II

Engaging with Secondary Sources in OL202 It is also helpful to know how to use the personal dataset you compiled in OL201 to be able to engage with library research and to find additional secondary sources. For example, I may want to explore how my... OL202-OC

Alumni (Laurier Graduates)

Welcome Your Library space Your Library online Archives digital collections Keep in touch Welcome Alumni are welcome to come to the library to borrow books and use resources and services. From the public PCs on the second and third floors, you...

Slavery in the United States, 1619-1877

Evaluating Resources What is a primary source? Citing (Chicago Manual of Style) Secondary Sources reference (companions and subject encyclopedias) American Slavery: A Very Short Introduction (Oxford) Black Women in America Concise... HI330

Interlibrary Loan

Interlibrary loan service is available to currently enrolled Laurier students, faculty and staff. Alumni, community borrowers and other external borrowers should contact their local public library for interlibrary loan services. RACER How do I make a...

Youth & Children's Studies Community Service Learning

Finding children's books and resources on a topic The Brantford Public Library has a rich collection of children's novels, picture books, graphic novels, youth videos, teen novels, and non-fiction books for children and teens To search for a children's... YC300-BR

Theories of Culture

what is a style guide? A style guide (or manual of style) is a set of standards for the design and writing of documents, often for a specific publication, organization, or field. The purpose of a style guide is to establish and enforce formatting style... AN200


Finding videos Search Omni for Film Studies, Music, and other Laurier Library video collections Videos on reserve are available via Library Course Reserves "Media Catalog" indexes media titles owned by media centres and libraries across Ontario (...

Cultural Perspectives I

Choose keywords Formulate a research question in order to focus your ideas about the topic. Please see our video tutorial on developing an effective research question Write down the different concepts used in this question (“frankenstein” AND “film... LL200

News articles

Finding newspaper articles Current news sources News archives online Local newspapers Print & microform News summaries Alternative news Editorial cartoons Finding newspaper articles Finding free online news articles: getting behind...

Management Control Fiasco Assignment

Welcome to Laurier Library's Management Control Fiasco research guide for BU620: Management Controls. This guide provides information sources to help you conduct research on your chosen organization and its management control fiasco. You may also want to... BU527

Entrepreneur's Challenge Business Plan - Research strategies and resources

Introduction to Library Research Introduction to Company Research Introduction to Industry and Market Research Finding Competitive Analysis Finding PEST analysis Finding Market potential Sales Forecasting Estimating Costs Citing Sources... MB105