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Steps for finding sources 2) Find books Start with Omni you may need to search separately for different concepts use filters at left: narrow by publication date, subject, language check "details" in search results for specific keywords... CS340LA

Empirical Research Paper

This guide provides information sources to help you complete an empirical research paper in Economics. It focuses on using library resources to write a literature review and to find the data you need to conduct quantitative modeling and empirical analysis... EC665/EC315/EC455

Facilities and Transportation

Welcome to BU845 course guide! It is created to help you with your study and research on transportation and warehouse facilities. Please click on the links below to navigate each section of this guide for details of resources and search strategies.... BU845

Graduate Seminar in Geography

First steps: research question and literature review The Library system Unique things to know Constructing a search string How to tell if a journal is peer-reviewed Citation Metrics Create a "controlled vocabulary" Dissertations and Theses... GG691

Indigenous People and Anthropology

The Research Process Identify a Research Question It is best to start your research with a question in mind. This question will help you identify the main concepts for your topic and you can use those to identify the best keywords. For this guide my... ID/SOJE205-BR

Music and its Contexts

A) Finding a focus Developing a research question (video tutorial: 5:07) Important tips for finding resources: identify more items than you need (some may be hard to find or off topic) keep track of where you look and the keywords you use start early... MU100

Reading Seminar on the Era of the US Civil War

Scholarly sources Evaluating Resources How do I know if my source is scholarly? (4:21) What is a peer-reviewed journal? (1:42) Identifying Peer-Reviewed Journals (2:15) How to find scholarly books (3:04) Secondary Sources Books Search Omni - items... HI445

Modern Music 1890-1975

research tips know how to find subject headings, and to combine keywords: Better searching using AND, OR, NOT (video tutorial: 4:04) identify more items than you need (some may be hard to find or off topic) keep track of where you look and the... MU375

Research Seminar

Creating an annotated bibliography Planning a literature review Finding book reviews Sources of book reviews The Routledge handbook of research methods in the study of religion (ebook, one user at a time) background information Oxford Reference... RE407OC


Biographies (defined) Book-length biographies Indexes Who's who's directories: brief information Biographical essays: in-depth information Subject-specific resources Journal articles More resources Biographies (defined) A biography is a written...

Survey of European Women’s/Gender History

Background Oxford Bibliographies search across academic bibliographies to find topic ideas and links to resources Oxford Encyclopedia of Women in World History biographies of famous women Cambridge Histories search across the full text of... HI271

What TEC's need to know about the Library

Getting Started Our Library Catalogue ( Your OneCard is your Library Card for borrowing materials such as books, education kits, curriculum materials, videos, etc. For print books, the new loan period is 120 days or one whole... EU (Teacher Education)

Academic Literacy: Humanities

Find definitions for your essay Laurier subscribes to the multi-volume Oxford English Dictionary It is the best dictionary to use for your essay Starting your research? Begin with effective search words Formulate a preliminary research question in... BF299-BR

Oxford Music Online

This platform provides access to the content of Grove Music Online, the Oxford Dictionary of Music, the Oxford Companion to Music, and the Encyclopedia of Popular Music, and includes content from the Grove Dictionary of American Music, the Grove...

Christian Faith and Global Citizenship (News sources)

Unreliable News Content How to spot Fake News (infographic) Tips for analyzing news sources (Melissa Zimdars. Linked from Washington Post article) "Free" news content Google News Paywalls... Reliable News Content If fake news is everywhere and... GC102

Beyond Crisis

Synopsis (from the film's informational website): BEYOND CRISIS is a story of hope for a rapidly changing world: a meditative call to action that explores what it means to be living in this new era of climate change, as told by over fifty diverse...

All Laurier Campus Library Buildings Closed until further notice

Dear Laurier Community, The Laurier Library is committed to ensuring success of our faculty, students and staff. Our priority is to support faculty and students as they work to complete the term and at the same time providing a safe environment for...

Library Coronavirus (COVID-19) Service Update

Coronavirus (COVID-19) Updates on Library Services & Operations Library Spaces Help & Research Assistance Online Resources Print Collections - Access & Returns Returning Library Books and Materials on Loan Recalls/Holds...

Qualitative Research Methods

Library web site the quickest tour ever: books, articles, journals, theses what is a Library database? in other words, Why can't I just use Google Scholar? Lee, J. (2015). The effects of music on pain: A review of systematic reviews and meta-analysis (... MU606

Seminar in Global Studies: Critical Approaches to Equity and Inclusion in Multicultural Societies

To book a research consultation Use my Appointment booking calendar Important general things to know Enter similar terms or phrases separately into a database; don't type in a question - you'll limit your results Use Omni primarily for books Omni... GS400

Digital Narratives

Makerspace Contact Darin White (contact info at right) for more information, or drop in to the Makerspace (2nd floor library). Laurier Archives Library Sources of Digital Content Books Search Omni Choose "Books and Ebooks" on left-hand side of... DH200

Communication Research Methods

Finding peer-reviewed journal articles Finding scholarly books or book chapters To find peer-reviewed articles Start at the Communication Studies Subject Guide Start with Communication Studies @EBSCOhost or the Communication Studies @ ProQuest database... CS235B

Canadian Communication in Context

Five tips for scholarly research How to find a focus What are scholarly sources Important search tips Books and Government documents Scholarly articles News articles and Government sources Other resources What about using google scholar A) Five... CS101B