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Criminology is a behavioural science that studies crime and criminal justice and tends to also involve legal, psychological and sociological perspectives. There are many different paths for doing criminology research depending on what topic you are...


Newspapers are located on the 3rd floor of Laurier Waterloo Library Current print copies are shelved between the two sets of offices, until microform is received. Microfilm issues are located in cabinets near Government Documents. Title/Full text...

Data and Statistics

Portals CANSIM at Statistics Canada CANSIM is StatCans statistical database. It contains thousands of tables and reports from all fields odesi ODESI contains microdata from Statistics Canada, Elections Canada, as well as polling data. Build your...

Laurier Library history

1910 The Canada Synod and the Synod of Central Canada of the Lutheran Church entered into an agreement to establish a Lutheran Seminary. The location first proposed for the Seminary was Toronto. Waterloo was selected when its citizens offered a tract of...

Balderdash Reading Series

Join us for the second Balderdash poetry reading of Fall 2017 on Thursday evening. The Balderdash Literary Series will be held at the Robert Langen Art Gallery located inside the Library on Laurier's Waterloo campus. Our aim? To connect the Laurier...

Laurier works with Ipsos and Ontario Council of University Libraries to make national polling data freely available

WATERLOO – Wilfrid Laurier University, in collaboration with the Ontario Council of University Libraries (OCUL), is making a trove of nationally significant polling data, donated by market research firm Ipsos Canada, freely available to the world online...

Marketing Plan Assignment

Welcome to Laurier Library's Marketing Plan Assignment course guide for BU 352. This guide provides information sources to help you research and analyze each section of the Marketing Plan assignment: Market Trend Analysis, Environmental Analysis,... BU352


For all patrons Students Faculty Campus staff Alumni Community borrowers High school students For all patrons Account management via Primo Once you have registered for an account, you can use the Primo Catalogue to: Check personal...

Citation styles

APA style (American Psychological Association) MLA style (Modern Language Association) Turabian (Chicago Manual of Style) CSE ASA Government publications Data and statistics Music APA style Quick guides and tutorials How to cite in APA...

Empirical Research Paper

This guide provides information sources to help you complete an empirical research paper in Economics. It focuses on using library resources to write a literature review and to find the data you need to conduct quantitative modeling and empirical analysis... EC665/EC315/EC455

Research Paper and Seminar

Welcome to EC481 course guide. This guide provides information sources to help you complete a research paper that applies economic analysis to a policy issue. It focuses on using library resources to select a topic and frame your research question, to... EC481

Graduate Seminar in Geography

The Library System Unique Things How to tell if a journal is peer-reviewed Citation Metrics Create a "controlled Vocabulary The "Four Ways" of Expert Research Open Access How to make your scholarship OA Types of OA Further information on... GG691

New Venture Integrated Guide

Welcome to New Venture Integrated Guide. You may use it to prepare for your new venture projects and competition. It incorporates key information sources into one guide to help you conduct research on a new product or service, particularly focusing on... BU111/121