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Due to Covid restrictions, physical reserves are suspended at all locations. Please refer to the Covid-19 Library Services and Operations page for up-to-date service details. Waterloo Check out and return physical course...

Finding quality on the internet

Google Wikipedia The Internet contains an enormous amount of information, but the quality varies widely. Since there are no standards for content or format of freely available Internet resources, it is up to the user to locate and access...


Mendeley is a free, web-based citation management tool, reference management system, and academic social network that can help you cite works, organize your research in one place, collaborate with others online, and discover the latest research. It allows...

Consumer Demographics (G.E.L. Factors)

Welcome to Laurier Library's BU111 Course Guide on G.E.L. Factors. This Guide will point you to key resources that will kick-start your research on GEL Factors for both your Preliminary and Final Reports for your New Venture Project. To find out about G.E... BU111

Disease and Society

A) Finding a focus Developing a research question (5:07) Improving Your Thesis Statement (5:25) B) Research strategies read each source as you go along; each one will lead to more (ie. check the bibliography/works cited... CT203, HS203

LEAF - Global Engagement

Key Resources Country Profiles World Factbook World News Digest Gale Virtual Reference Library Resources from Brantford Public Library EBSCOhost Research databases Canadian Points of View... LEAF 3 - BR