Physics: Search tips

Searching Google

Default Search Settings or How Google Interprets your Query:

Implicit AND Google returns pages that match all your search terms with the term Search terms are automatically combined using AND  
Exact Matching Google returns pages that match your search terms exactly  
Word Variations Google returns pages that match variants of your search terms. This means that it will automatically look for correct spelling of misspelled words  
Common-Word Exclusion Google ignores some common words called “stop words,” the, on, where, how
32-Word Limit Search queries limited to 32 words  
Not case sensitive Capital letters of search terms are ignored  
Search Searches documents by keyword  
Word order Google gives more priority to pages that have search terms in the same order as the query  
Ignoring Punctuation Google ignores most punctuation and special characters including . ; ? [ ] ( ) @ / * < >
Truncation Automatic – no additional symbols required to search for alternative word endings  
Search results Displays by relevance attributed to Google’s algorithm  
Compound words Searches both the compound word and the with a space between the words airline air line

Options to Refine your Search; Crafting Queries with Special Characters, Operators and Symbols:

“phrase searching” Use quotations marks around phrases “birds eye”
OR and | Interchangeable use of OR or |. Results include either search term. OR must be capital letters tourism OR travel
- Exclude use –immediately before a search term you want to exclude wine -barrel
.. Specify the results contain numbers in a range 1800..2000
* Use *, an asterisk character, known as a wildcard, to match one or more words in a phrase (enclosed in quotes) “Google * my life”
synonyms Use ~(the tilde symbol) immediately before a search term to include synonyms ~tourism
intitle: Finds results with your search term in the document title intitle:tourism
allintitle: Finds results with your search terms in the document title allintitle:confidential
inurl: Finds results with your search term in the URL inurl:healthy
allinurl: Finds results with your search terms in the URL allinurl:google.faq
Info: Finds results about the web page
related: Finds results with content related to a specific website


filetype: Limits your search results to a specific file type. Examples of file types include; doc xls ppt mp4 filetype:pdf
site: Limits your search to searching within a specific site
link: Use to see what sites link to a specific website
define: Find definitions sourced from a range of online resources define:tourist
cache: See what a cached version of the site looked like. The last time that Google crawled the site


AROUND(n) Proximity search based on the number n. AROUND has to be capitalized CBC AROUND(20) Harper
$ Find prices Nexus $
# Find popular hashtags for trending topics #leftoverturkey
_ Connect two works. Your search results will find this pair of works linked together or connected with underscore dog_house
Movie: Include movie: to find movie-related information Movie:blade runner
Phonebook: Reverse lookup using Google Phonebook:555-555-1212