Request for Research Skills Modules

What It Is

  • MyLearningSpace content modules designed to instruct students on research and learning strategies using the major written assignment as the framework to apply these strategies
  • Modules can be included as a curricular component and have grades associated with them
  • Each module includes one or more instructional videos, an activity or quiz, and a grading rubric

How It Works

  • Faculty choose modules using this request form
  • Use these login instructions to view the modules
  • Success rates are much higher if modules are strongly connected with an assignment and if course grades of some kind are assigned for completion
  • After you request a module, someone from the Library or Centre for Student Success will be given access to your course and will upload the module within 3 working days. Student module use will be monitored to inform future module improvements, and we will contact you to get your feedback on the module(s) used.


Module Request Form