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Full-text documents and citations to official UN masthead documents on microfiche. Retrieve the microfiche by document number from the Readex microfiche collection, 3rd floor.
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1945 to present
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Produced by NewsBank, the United Nations Index provides bibliographic citations for a comprehensive number of United Nations documents and publications on microfiche. Subject areas include: international affairs and diplomacy, political science, contemporary history, international law, peacekeeping, human rights, trade and economic development, environmental affairs, international statistics and demography, public administration, and atomic energy.

Since 1994, the Index has included selected full-text UN Resolutions. In 1997, selected full-text Provisional Verbatim (PV) and Summary Records (SR) containing voting records were included.

From 1998 to present, provides citations to UN periodicals and the UN Treaty series. It indexes documents from the major UN divisions including masthead documents (Readex microfiche), official records, sales publications, resolutions and meeting records.  It provides several thousand documents in full text.

Subjects covered:
  • Geography and Environmental Studies
  • Human Rights and Human Diversity
  • Legal Information
  • Political Science
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Alternate titles:
  • United Nations Index
  • Index to the United Nations
  • Access UN