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Platform discontinued.

The remaining legal resources on this platform have been transferred to LexisNexis QuickLaw in February 2016. This platform will not be available after 29 February 2016.

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Platform providing access to Canada Corporations Law Reports and Canadian Labour Law Reporter
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This resource provides access to a variety of legal and tax related resources from Wolters Kluwer. It offers searchable information resources providing access to Canadian federal and provincial legislation, case law, and commentary on topical areas in law.

Laurier Library provides access to the following products on this platform:

  • Canada Corporations Law Reports
  • Canadian Labour Law Reporter
Subjects covered:
  • Legal Information
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Alternate titles:
  • Canada Corporations Law Reports
  • Canadian Labour Law Reporter
  • Corporations Law Reports, Canada
  • Law Reports, Canada Corporations
  • Labour Law Reporter, Canadian
  • Law Reporter, Canadian Labour