Temporary Digital Access to Print Library Collections – HathiTrust ETAS

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As part of our efforts to provide the research materials that you need for your research and study, the Library is now participating in the HathiTrust Emergency Temporary Access Service (ETAS) program as a member. This service provides emergency access to digital copies currently inaccessible in our collections during building closures.

This service will provide access to more than 300,000 print books and materials that have been digitized by HathiTrust and are also held by Laurier.

How to access the ETAS collection:

Access HathiTrust directly

  1. On the HathiTrust website, click the yellow “LOG IN” button at the top right.
  2. Find and select Wilfrid Laurier University in the list of partner institutions. You will be prompted to log in with your Laurier Network Login username and Network Login password.
  3. When you have successfully logged in, you will be returned to the HathiTrust website where you can search the Digital Library.
  4. Ensure that you select “Full-text” search option and that the “Full view only” option is not checked.
  5. In-copyright books with “Temporary Access” links are available to Laurier users via ETAS while logged in
  6. You will need to select 'Check Out' button from the orange banner to access the book.

Important things to know about ETAS access

  • Users will have 60 minutes of access to the book on the HathiTrust website during any session. Books will automatically be renewed if you remain active on the item and no other user has requested it.
  • Some books have been digitized by more than one library. You may use the copy from any Original Source library where a Temporary Access link is present. Laurier will not appear as a source library.
  • Please be courteous and return ETAS books that you have “checked out” when you are no longer using them.
  • You can read the book online, but downloads of the full book are not permitted. You may download individual pages for your personal research and study.
  • The number of digital copies available to Laurier users matches the number of physical copies held by the Laurier Library.
  • This service is intended for individual research use and cannot accommodate group use (such as for a course).
  • This service is not available to alumni.
  • Access to in-copyright materials will be suspended once access to Laurier’s print collections is reinstated.

Membership in HathiTrust also brings many benefits, including access to the HathiTrust Research Center (HTRC), which enables computational analysis and digital text mining across the collection, and the Accessible Text Request Service which can provide a digital copy of any copyrighted book in the HathiTrust collection for users with accessible needs.

Additional information on the HathiTrust Service can be found on the Library’s HathiTrust Digital Library resource page.

For additional information on Library services, resources and facilities, check our update page: Library Coronavirus (COVID-19) Service Update page.