Notice of Elsevier data breach

Elsevier, one of the largest academic publishers in the world, publicly acknowledged a server misconfiguration exposing personal information online. Elsevier is continuing their investigation into the matter and will communicate directly with their users on what steps to take.

The Laurier Library currently subscribes to a number of Elsevier services, including:

  • Engineering Village
  • Mendeley
  • ScienceDirect

While the subscriptions are not impacted by the breach, ICT recommends that users who may have created personal accounts on the Elsevier platform change their password immediately. Further, if you use the same password at Laurier and on your personal Elsevier account, ICT also strongly recommends changing your Laurier password using the Self Service Portal.

If you have questions about your personal Elsevier account or wish to contact them directly, please visit their Support Center.

ICT would like to gently remind all students, faculty, and staff of the importance of routinely changing your passwords, having a unique password for each site, and limiting the number of accounts associated with your Laurier email.

If you have any questions about changing your Laurier password please contact the ICT Service Desk at 519-884-0710 x4357.