Library’s new front desk comes courtesy of generous anonymous donation

Laurier’s Waterloo campus Library was recently outfitted with a new front desk thanks to the generosity of an anonymous donor to the university.

The new desk is much larger than the previous desk, providing space for more users to get help simultaneously, and is in a much more visible location for library users as they enter the building.

“Every year we have a thousand or more new students who haven’t gotten to know the campus or the Library,” said Dan Robert, Laurier’s associate director of development for Athletics, Student Affairs and the Library. “The new desk is useful for everyone, but it’s especially good for welcoming new users and helping to get them oriented in the building without feeling intimidated.”

The new desk area was created as part of a series of renovations in the summer and fall of 2016 that also saw the addition of new spaces for the Robert Langen Art Gallery and WLU Press in the building, among other upgrades and improvements.

“If I had this outlet in first year, I would have been more confident about using library resources, plus having other students work there makes it easier to ask questions faculty staff may not know the answer to,” said Julia Zuckernick, a fourth year sociology student. “This helps all students, especially newer ones, to get their questions answered.”

Located adjacent to the new Robert Langen Art Gallery, the desk also provides a useful information point for visitors to the gallery, a prominent hub of campus events such as concerts, readings, and, of course, gallery exhibitions.

Gallery curator Suzanne Luke selected the photographs, by artist Stephen Scott Patterson, that appear behind the desk.

“We wanted a visual flow to link the desk and the gallery,” she said of the photographs. “But most of all we wanted to help make the desk a warm and welcoming space for students.”


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