The Kindness Project

The Laurier Library in partnership with Neruda Arts will launch the Kindness Project on Friday November 12th, 2021.

The Laurier Library in partnership with Neruda Arts will launch the Kindness Project on Friday November 12th, 2021, which is an opportunity to join hands (safely) in transforming our feelings of fear, anxiety, and loneliness associated with the COVID-19 pandemic to those of comfort, hope, and unity, and to engage our community safely in building bridges between the Laurier community and the community at large.

The Kindness Project - Music in the Library for our Community will bring a mobile stage to various locations within the Waterloo Region between M Monday November 15th and Wednesday November 27th to share music and positive messages of kindness and hope from the Laurier Library, Laurier’s Faculty of Music Community Music program, and Neruda Arts. The mobile stage is equipped with a large screen that will display pre-recorded contributions from Laurier’s Faculty of Music students and faculty, greetings from Laurier’s President and the University Librarian, and the library staff.

The mobile stage will travel to various neighbourhoods and community spaces where people have limited access to local arts programs, carrying with it a message of kindness, healing and love.

The online launch on Friday November 12th, 2021, will include a sneak peek of our mobile stage, will feature a short music video trailer, and the project itinerary with an indication of various stops. You will hear from Laurier Library, Neruda Arts and other supporters of this unprecedented project.


Friday November 12th, 2021 to Saturday November 27th, 2021

Schedule for the trailer




Station Contact

Friday November 12th, 2021

5pm to 5:45pm

Virtual Station

Isabel Cisterna

Monday November 15th, 2021


Emmanuel Day Care Centre

65 Noecker St, Waterloo

Kelly Birch-Baker

1pm to 3:30pm

Victoria Hills Community Centre

10 Chopin Dr, Kitchener

Sarah Anderson

Tuesday, November 16th, 2021

4pm to 5:30pm

House of Friendship - Courtland Shelley Community Centre

508H Sunnydale Pl, Waterloo,

Dauda Raji

Wednesday November 17th, 2021

12 noon

Hatts Off

20 Haddington St, Cambridge

Colleen Lailavoix

Tuesday November 23th, 2021

1pm to 2pm


91 Moore Ave, Kitchener

Kim Sproul

4pm to 5:30pm

House of Friendship -

Sunnydale Community Centre

1052 Courtland Ave E, Kitchener

Dauda Raji

Thursday November 25th, 2021

1pm to 3:30pm

Chandler Mowat Community Centre

222 Chandler Dr, Kitchener, ON

Jennifer Sullivan

Friday, November 26th, 2021

11am to 1pm

Laurier Library Parking Lot

(Internal audience only)

Isabel Cisterna