Introducing desktop delivery of articles (RACER)

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On Monday, Jan. 30, the Library’s Interlibrary Loan unit implemented a new service for delivering RACER (interlibrary loan) documents using a cloud-based desktop delivery system called Article Exchange.

Here's what now happens when you request an article that's not available at Laurier:

1. You will receive an email providing a link to a single secure file location, along with a password to access it.

2. Click the link, enter the password you have been provided, and the document will download to the desktop.


The article is accessible for up to five views and for 30 days. You can save and/or print one copy for personal use, according to Copyright regulations.

There is no software to download.

The system supports file sizes up to 60MB and over four different format types.

Contact for any assistance or questions you may have.