Course Readings: Avoid Getting Snowed Under

It is that time of year again. Submit your reading lists now for course reserves and the material will be available to students at the beginning of classes for the Winter Term.

Digital Reading Materials - Electronic Reserves

The library provides a single point of access for journal articles, book chapters, e-books, websites, online music, and other electronic course materials. Please note: materials placed in ARES as electronic reserves are available with a POD option (except for media and materials that are not available in PDF format)

Options to submit items for online course readings:From the Library home page:

Option 1

  • Select the link Course Readings from the Library homepage (upper right corner)
  • Login with your Network user name and password
  • Create your course list (if not already created) by clicking on the “create a new course” under instructor course tools
  • Add items

Option 2

  • Send article titles, book titles, book chapter titles directly to course reserve lists using Primo
  • Search in Primo for the book title, e-book, article you are adding
  • From the “Actions” menu on the right, click one of the following: Ares article, Ares book, Ares book chapter,” etc.
  • The bibliographic record is then added to Ares

Option 3

The Library also puts hard copies of books, DVDs and music CDs on reserve at each of our campus libraries

Print Course Packs

All requests for the production of print course packs should now be directed to the Library Reserves unit using this on-line form.

While the Print-on-Demand (POD) feature will be automatically activated for online course readings in ARES, the ability to request traditional course packs remains available to faculty if there is a pedagogical necessity to do so. Please note that the primary purpose of POD is flexibility and cost savings for Laurier students. We have established that over 80% of readings that constitute any given print course pack are available in the Library through various licenses, subscriptions and ownership. Therefore, the use of electronic course readings by faculty automatically provides students with the option of using Print on Demand, enabling cost saving and enhancing accessibility in our multi-campus and increasingly online environment.

Don't know where to start?

Head, Copyright & Resource Delivery Services Reserves Staff

Vera Fesnak

519-884-0710 ext 3412

Lauren Bourdages

519-884-0710 ext. 4916

Melanie Ross

519-884-0710 ext. 4914