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"Love in the Time of COVID" launches Nov 19th

In the outline of a one room house surrounded by dark shades of night, two simple figures styled with texture embrace, their head on the other's shoulders. A light hangs from the ceiling casting the only light on them. The word "Love" textured in leaves, overlays their embrace. Words "In the Time of" at their feet in the house while outside is the word COVID. Nothing suggests motion, sound, or temperature. Only the touch from a comforting embrace. The image reads "Love in the time of COVID"

The Laurier Library is releasing a compilation video called Love in the Time of COVID featuring creative submissions from more than 20 local arts organizations.

The video will be available free of charge on the Laurier YouTube channel on Thursday, November 19th. Captioned video is provided for the Deaf and hard of hearing, and an audio described video is available for viewers who are blind or experiencing sight loss.

For more details, hop over to a more detailed description: Laurier Library producing ‘Love in the Time of COVID’ video featuring the work of Waterloo Region artists