Locating persistent links to other Library eresources

When linking to Library eresources other than articles or journals, you need to use a persistent url, sometimes called a permanent url or permalink, to be sure the url doesn't change. Once you find this link, paste it into the Other Library resources linker to get a url that works off-campus.

Persistent links are found in different ways in different eresources. It is common to find one under a Link or Share button on the resource screen. If you can't locate a persistent link, copy the resource url that displays in your browser bar.

Here are examples of persistent or permanent links for some ebook, music, and streaming video resources.

Ebook example

In Scholars Portal books, look for a field called Permalink and copy the url next to it.


Music score example

In Music Online, first click on Embed/Link, then copy the url under Permanent Link in the window that pops up.


Streaming video examples

In Films on Demand, first click on Link underneath the video, then copy the url next to Record URL.


In Films on Demand, first click on Share in the top menu bar, then copy the LTI Launch URL.