Get it! @ Laurier

What is get it! get it! Laurier

get it! get it! Laurier is a library service which links database citations to full-text articles (if available) and other related services available through the Laurier Library. When you see the get it! get it! Laurier button in an electronic resource, click on the button to see a menu of options:

  • View the full-text of the article if the library has a subscription
  • Automatically search the library catalogue to see if the library has the journal or book
  • Access other library services (Ask a librarian, borrowing items from other libraries, etc.)

What is SFX?

Developed by the Ex Libris Group, and purchased through the Ontario Scholars Portal developed by the Ontario Council of University Libraries, SFX is the underlying OpenURL software behind get it! get it! Laurier.

Who has access to get it! get it! Laurier?

All Laurier faculty, staff and students can access get it! get it! Laurier. It is available on campus and from off-campus if you first log in through Connecting from off-campus.

Why can't I see the get it! get it! Laurier button?

Most, but not all, of the databases to which the library subscribes allow get it! get it! Laurier. The get it! get it!Laurier button will not appear if the JavaScript function in your browser is disabled. Simply re-enable JavaScript to make the button visible. If you are searching Web of Science you must allow the first page to load completely so that the get it! get it! Laurier button is visible in your browser.

Why don't I get full-text for some items?

  • the journal is not published in electronic format
  • the library does not have a subscription to the electronic format
  • the library has a subscription, but there is a technical problem with get it! get it! Laurier
  • the most recent issue is not yet available from the publisher's site

If displayed, click on the TRELLIS link to see if the library has a print subscription or an electronic subscription not available through get it! get it! Laurier.

Why are there several windows when I use get it! get it! Laurier?

get it! get it! Laurier opens three windows for each article: first you see a menu screen; selecting a "service" opens a second window; and following a link to full text opens a third window. Remember to close the windows when finished.

Why is there more than one link for full-text?

The library subscribes to a number of databases and electronic journal packages, and some journals are available from more than one place. If one link is not working, you can try another. Please note that we try not to duplicate resources--however, we often have limited choices about the contents of packages.

Sometimes I only get to the journal or the publisher site instead of the full-text. Why does this happen?

Unfortunately, it's not always possible to configure the link to go directly to the full-text article. Some publishers only allow linking to the journal or to their home page rather than the actual article. Look for the journal you need and follow the links to the volume and page for your article.

Why does nothing appear after I've clicked on the get it! get it! Laurier button?

A pop-up disabler will prevent get it! get it! Laurier from functioning properly. Simply enable pop-ups for the site.

What do I do when I get a "bad URL" or "Error 404", or some other "not found" message?

  • the article is recent and has yet to be loaded on the site, or,
  • the get it! get it! Laurier links are incorrect and need to be updated.

Please contact us to report the problem.

How can I obtain further assistance?

For technical queries and troubleshooting, please contact the Ask us, or visit the Ex Libris SFX overview page.