Get it! @ Laurier

What is "get it! get it! Laurier"?

The "get it! get it! Laurier" buttons or links take citation information for articles, books, videos or other resources listed in databases and shows you what's available in the Laurier Library Omni catalogue. When you see the "get it! get it! Laurier" link or button in a database, click it to see links to online versions and physical or print copies. You will also be able to request it from other libraries, see more information about the resource, and use other functions our catalogue has.

(FYI: The functions is called a "link resolver" or "openurl resolver". Until December 2019, we used Ex Libris' SFX product for this. Now it's part of Omni.)

Why can't I see the "get it! get it! Laurier" link or button?

Many of the databases Laurier Library subscribes to allow "get it! get it! Laurier" links or buttons. Not seeing it typically means that either the platform you're on doesn't allow for it or the context you're in doesn't apply, for example, the platform itself has full text already.

Also, it may not appear if the JavaScript function in your browser is disabled. Simply re-enable JavaScript to make the button visible.

Why don't I see any full-text for some items?

There are many reasons why you would not find what you're looking for through the "get it! get it! Laurier" link or button. It could be that:

  • Laurier Library doesn't have the resource in our collection (if so, you can request the resource from another library);
  • There could be is a technical problem with "get it! get it! Laurier"; or
  • There could be something wrong with the information on the platform with "get it! get it! Laurier".

If you find that you're not getting to what you need through the "get it! get it! Laurier" link and still need the resource (or similar), please Ask Us. We may be able to get you what you need another way or suggest alternatives.

Why is there more than one link for full-text?

Laurier Library subscribes to and has access to many different collections and packages, and some works are available through more than one. If one link is not working, try another. It is not our goal to duplicate resources but we don't always have control over the contents of packages.

Sometimes I only get to the journal or the publisher site instead of the work I want. Why does this happen?

Unfortunately, it's not always possible to configure the link to go directly to the full-text article, book chapter or video. Some publishers only allow linking to the journal's information page or to their home page rather than the actual article. Look for the journal you need and follow the links to the volume and page for your article.

How can I obtain further assistance?

If you have any questions about get it! get it! Laurier, please Ask us.