BU 352 - Market Research Resources - Pet Products

  1. Connect to Passport GMID. Accept the terms and conditions.
  2. On the main homepage under “Find Analysis” select “Pet Care” from the industry drop-down menu. Refine your results further by selecting “Canada” from the geography drop-down menu.Selecting Pet Care from the industry drop-down menu in Passport GMID
  3. Scroll down and access all relevant statistics, articles, and reports including: “Pet Products in Canada”, “Pet Care in Canada”, “Cat Food in Canada”, “Dog Food in Canada”, “Other Pet Food in Canada”, “Are Artisanal Pet Treats Going Mainstream?”, etc.Pet Care results in Passport GMID

Finding market segmentation using Marketline Advantage

  1. Connect to Marketline Advantage.
  2. Do a search for “pet” and select “Industries” from the drop down menu before clicking search.Searching for the pet industry in Marketline Advantage
  3. In the right-hand toolbar, refine your results by geography. Select the “Canada - Pet Care” report.Refining results by geography in Marketline Advantage
  4. Once in the report, note the “Table of Contents” on the right-hand side for relevant information including “Market Segmentation” for the pet care industry.Canada - Pet Care report in Marketline Advantage

Finding industry "environmental factors" using Associations Canada

  1. Connect to Canada’s Information Resource Centre.
  2. Limit your search to only show results from Associations Canada.Limiting to Associations Canada in Canada's Information Resource Centre
  3. Conduct a search by entering the search term "pet" in the search box beside the "Search Words Anywhere" field then click the "Search Now" button.
  4. A list of results for Canadian associations that deal with pets are displayed. From here, select the "Pet Food Association of Canada” website from the search results. This website provides useful industry information that will assist you in determining the industry's environmental factors. Under the tabs “Learn More About Pet Food” and “Importing/Exporting Pet Food” find applicable regulations for the pet food industry.Pet Food Association of Canada website

Finding consumer buying behaviour using Business Source Complete

  1. Connect to Business Source Complete.
  2. Complete a Boolean search for “pet supplies” AND “consumer behavio*r” under “SU Subject Terms”.Boolean search in Business Source Complete
  3. Scan your results for relevant articles, including an article entitled: “Looking Sharp” for information on the buying behaviour of pet owners.Results in Business Source Complete

Finding industry statistics using Industry Canada

  1. Connect to Industry Canada.
  2. Search for “animal food” in the search box in the middle of the page then click search.Searching for animal food in Industry Canada
  3. From the results list, select “Animal Food Manufacturing (NAICS 31111): Definition”.Animal food results in Industry Canada
  4. Once in the report, you will be able to access industry statistics such as financial performance data, import and export information, and employment information, as seen below. Please also note the related industry sectors found at the bottom of the left-hand menu.Animal Food industry sector report in Industry Canada

Additional marketing resources

A UK based online portal that offers a number of online resources including reports and articles related to market research. Includes global coverage but with a strong emphasis on Europe. To locate market research articles and reports see the left-hand menu and select “Market Research Findings”, then scroll down and select “Animals and Pets”.Animal and pet results in Market Research World