BU 352 - Market Research Resources - Landscaping & Gardening

  1. Connect to Passport. Accept the Terms and Conditions.
  2. Search for "gardening in Canada" in the search bar at the top right hand corner of the page. Passport GMID searching for Gardening in Canada
  3. Access the report "Gardening in Canada (Category Briefing, August 2016)". *Note the other relevant reports.Passport garden

Finding consumer buying behaviour using ABI/INFORM Trade and Industry

  1. Connect to ABI/INFORM Trade & Industry.
  2. Complete a Boolean search for "consumer behavio*r" AND (landscaping OR gardening) AND industry in the search bars.ABI/Inform advanced search for gardening or landscaping consumer behaviour
  3. Access the report "5 Surprising Things: You Need To Know About Young Consumers".ABI/Inform advanced search results for gardening or landscaping consumer behaviour

Finding industry competitors using LexisNexis Academic

  1. Connect to LexisNexis Academic.
  2. On the LNA homepage, click "Search by Subject or Topic", then from the new menu select "Dossier (Company, Executive, & Industry)" under the "Companies" heading.

    LNA instructions on how to get to Company Dossier link

  3. On the new page, under the "Company" tab, select the "Create a Company List" tab. To retrieve a list of companies in the landscaping and gardening industry, search either by NAICS or SIC code. In this example, enter SIC code "0782" and refine results by country, under the "Geographic Information" heading. Select Canada from the dropdown menu. Click the "Create" button.LexisNexis form for creating a Dossier company
  4. This will generate a list of companies in the landscaping and gardening industry in Canada (like the one below). Click "Customize" to customize your results. After customizing results, click "Update". For further help with creating a company list in LexisNexis Academic watch this video tutorial.LexisNexis list of companies in the gardening/landscaping industry

Finding industry environmental factors using Associations Canada

  1. Connect to Canada's Information Resource Centre.
  2. Limit your search to only show results from Associations Canada.
  3. Conduct a search by entering the search term "landscaping" in the search box.Limit results to Associations Canada in Canada's Information Resource Center
  4. A list of results for Canadian associations that deal with landscaping are displayed. From here, select the "Canadian Nursery Landscape Association" website from the search results. This website provides useful industry information that will assist you in determining the industry's environmental factors. See under the sections entitled "Landscapers" or "Resources" for relevant information.Associations Canada list of landscaping associations

Finding market data and category segmentation using Marketline Advantage

  1. Connect to Marketline Advantage
  2. Do a search for "gardening" and select "Industries" from the drop down menu before hitting search.Searching for the gardening industry in Marketline Advantage
  3. Select the "Canada - Gardening & Outdoor Living" report. See the "Table of Contents" on the right-hand side for relevant information including the sections on "Market Data" or "Market Segmentation".Canada Gardening and Outdoor Living report in Marketline Advantage

Additional marketing resources

A UK based online portal that offers a number of online resources including reports and articles related to market research. Includes global coverage but with a strong emphasis on Europe. To locate market research articles and reports see the left-hand menu and select “Market Research Findings”, then scroll down and select "Home/Garden".Finding Home and Garden resources in Market Research World