BU 352 - Market Research Resources - Home Improvement

  1. Connect to Passport. Accept the terms and conditions.
  2. On the main homepage under “Find Analysis” select “Home and Garden” from the industry drop-down menu. Refine your results further by selecting “Canada” from the geography drop-down menu.Home and garden industry in Passport GMID
  3. On the left-hand toolbar, refine your results further by selecting “Home Improvement” under “By Category”.Refining results to home improvement in Passport
  4. Access the report "Home Improvement in Canada" for information on category trends, data and statistics, and more.*Note the other relevant reports and articles.Results for the home improvement industry in Passport GMID

Finding consumer buying behaviour using Business Source Complete

  1. Connect to Business Source Complete.
  2. Complete a Boolean search for "home improvement" AND consumer* under "SU Subject Terms". Remember to include quotations around "home improvement" in order to search for it as a phrase which will then retrieve more relevant search results. The "*" symbol will find journal articles that include the various word endings for consumer, such as consumers, consumerism, etc.Boolean search in Business Source Complete
  3. Access the report "Today's Outdoor Consumer" for demographic, psychographic and behavioural consumer information.Results in Business Source Complete

Finding competitive analysis using Market Share Reporter

  1. Connect to Market Share Reporter.
  2. Enter keywords, i.e. "home improvement" in the search box then click enter.
  3. See the report "Top Home Improvement Stores, 2014" and others for information on competitors, rankings, and market share. Market Share Reporter search results for home improvement

Finding financial information using Mergent Online

  1. Connect to Mergent Online.
  2. Search for the name of a company you would like financial information on, for example "Home Depot", in the search box under the "Company Search" heading, by entering the company symbol or name. Mergent Online company financials search results for home improvement
  3. Select the relevant company from the search results, in order to access the company's profile.
  4. Select the "Company Financials" tab to access financial reports such as balance sheets, cash flow statements, income statements, etc. Also see "Business Segments" under "Company Details" for possible financial results for subsidiaries. For further help with finding company financials in Mergent Online watch this video tutorial.

Mergent Online company financials page for Home Depot

Finding industry statistics using Industry Canada

  1. Connect to Industry Canada.
  2. Search for "household appliance" in the search box then click "Search".Searching for household appliance in Industry Canada
  3. From the results list, select “Household Appliance Manufacturing (NAICS 3352)” or another relevant industry group.Results list in Industry Canada
  4. Once you select an industry group, you will be able to access industry statistics such as financial performance data, import and export information, and employment information, as seen below.Industry page in Industry Canada