BU 352 - Market Research Resources - Beverages

  1. Connect to Passport GMID. Accept the terms and conditions.
  2. Search for “beverages” in the search bar at the top right hand corner of the page.Searching for beverages in Passport GMID
  3. Select “Filter Analysis” and scroll down to “By Geography” and choose Canada to narrow your results.Narrowing your results by geography in Passport GMID
  • Passport GMID offers a number of reports related to the beverages industry including: “Hot Drinks in Canada”, “Coffee in Canada”, “Tea in Canada”, “Other Hot Drinks in Canada”, “Better For You Beverages in Canada”, “Fortified/Functional Beverages in Canada”, “Naturally Healthy Beverages in Canada”, “Organic Beverages in Canada”, “Soft Drinks in Canada”, “Carbonates in Canada”, “Juice in Canada”, “Alcoholic Drinks in Canada”, “Wine in Canada”, “Beer in Canada". **To receive a more targeted list of results, be specific with your search terms.

Finding market segmentation using Marketline Advantage

  1. Connect to Marketline Advantage.
  2. Conduct a search for "drinks” and select "Industries" from the drop down menu before hitting search.Searching for drinks in Marketline Advantage
  3. In the right-hand toolbar, refine your results “By Geography”.Refining results by geography in Marketline Advantage
  4. View a number of relevant reports related to the beverages industry in Canada, such as: “Canada – Functional Drinks”, “Canada – Carbonated Soft Drinks”, “Canada – Soft Drinks”, “Canada – Hot Drinks”, “Canada – Beverages”, “Canada – Bottled Water”, “Canada – Alcoholic Drinks”, “Canada – Wine”, “Canada – Beer”.Results in Marketline Advantage
  5. Select a report and note the Table of Contents on the right-hand side for relevant information, including the section on “Market Segmentation”.Table of Contents in Marketline report

Finding industry statistics using Industry Canada

  1. Connect to Industry Canada.
  2. Search for "beverages" in the search box in the middle of the page then click search.Searching for beverages in Industry Canada
  3. From the results list, select “Beverage Manufacturing (NAICS 3121): Definition".Beverage results list in Industry Canada
  4. Once in the report, you will be able to access industry statistics such as financial performance data, import and export information, and employment information, as seen below. Please also note the related industry sectors found at the bottom of the left-hand menu.Industry Canada report on beverages

Finding financial information using Mergent Online

  1. Connect to Mergent Online.
  2. Search for a company, i.e. "Corby Spirit & Wine" under "Company Search" and click "Go" or select the correct company from the auto-generated list to access the company profile.Searching for Corby Spirit and Wine in Mergent Online
  3. Once viewing the company profile, click the "company financials" tab. You can then use the options in the drop-down menus to select the particular financial information you would like to access. Choose from balance sheets, income statements, etc... and set the time period you would like to display. For further help with finding company financials in Mergent Online watch this video tutorial.

Company profile for Corby Spirit and Wine in Mergent Online

Additional marketing resources

A UK based online portal that offers a number of online resources including reports and articles related to market research. Includes global coverage but with a strong emphasis on Europe. To locate market research articles and reports see the left-hand menu and select “Market Research Findings”, then scroll down and select “Soft Drinks” or “Food and Drink” or "Alcoholic Drinks".

Reports on soft drinks in Market Research World