Subject & Course Guides help you find the best resources

Did you know there are guides to help you find academic materials?

Laurier Subject Librarians create Subject Guides and Course Guides for students.

Subject Guides

Subject Guides list the best resources in the Library’s collection for subjects taught at Laurier, from Anthropology to Youth and Children’s Studies. They are organized into three categories: “Start here”, “Main databases”, and “Also useful”. You can also find special tabs with other resources such as websites for resources not in our collection, tips on getting started, reference materials, search tips, tutorials, statistics, and more depending on the subject.

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Course Guides

Course Guides are similar to Subject Guides but are tailored to a specific course such as CH233, “Environmental Atmospheric Chemistry”, or MU375, “Modern Music 1890-1975".

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You can also find the Subject and Course Guides on the Library website’s front page using the link named “Subject & Course guides” in the left menu.

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