Happy Pride Month!

The Laurier Library is commemorating Pride month! We hope all members of our library and university community, both near and far, are staying safe during this time.

This Pride, although it is one without parades and festivals, we would like to take a moment and remember all of the work that members of the LGBTQ+ community have done in the fight for continued gay, lesbian, bisexual, trans and queer rights across the spectrum of diverse identities, including sexual, gender and racial.

In celebration of Pride 2022, Wilfrid Laurier University Library has curated a book display that celebrate and amplify the 2SLGBTQQIA+ writers, researchers, artists, and storytellers. The works featured include stories about coming out and about tragedy, but also work to de-centre the predominance of these themes within 2SLGBTQQIA+ literature. These stories also celebrate and discuss everyday life, romance, dating, and navigating queerness alongside experiences of racialization, disability, gender diversity, and class, among other things.

The curators of this collection emphasize that 2SLGBTQQIA+ texts and literature have long been a part of global literary history. 2SLGBTQQIA+ writers and storytellers have shared their stories in the face of changing attitudes in dominant society, legal restrictions, book bans, and persecution. These changes have not always taken place in linear ways.

The curators invite the Laurier community to engage with these works, learn, ask questions of them, and seek more resources for further learning. This collection complements other ways that the Laurier community is celebrating Pride. However, we hope that this collection continues to inform learning, dialogue, conversation, and activism throughout the year.

Progress Pride Flag: Designer Daniel Quasar